Both World Series teams love Jesus.Everybody’s talking about the Colorado Rockies and how they love them some Jesus.

But let’s not forget that the Red Sox are big fans of J.C., too.

The Baseball Chapel is a ministry that provides all 30 major league teams with a chaplain. And the guys who run the Baseball Chapel said that the Sox are the holiest of the holies.

”Without question, chapel attendance among the Red Sox has been far and away more than any of the major league teams over the last two years,” said Vince Nauss, president of Baseball Chapel.

Of course, that was in 2005. The Christian guys on that 2005 team included Trot Nixon, Mike Timlin, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Curt Schilling, Doug Mirabelli, Bill Mueller, Matt Clement, John Olerud, Mike Myers, Tony Graffanino, Chad Bradford. Today, several of those players are gone. But they’ve been replaced by Super-Christians like J.D. Drew, who believes in the sacred authority of the Bible and the promise of Jesus Christ as his savior.

Olerud said the 2005 Sox were the most devout team he ever played for:

”In terms of coming to Bible study and chapel, this team has more guys involved than any team I’ve ever been with,” said Olerud, who has played for five teams over 17 seasons in the majors.

Baseball Jesus is now Baseball JudasNow, I don’t think there’s any doubt that, from top to bottom, the Rockies organization is more Christian than the Sox. Dan O’Dowd has prayer sessions on the telephone with club President Keli McGregor and manager Clint Hurdle, for crying out loud. Somehow, I can’t picture Theo, Tito and John Henry doing the same.

But let’s give the Red Sox their due. They may have lost their Baseball Jesus, but they’ve still got faith.

Now, as to which will generate better results the Rockies’ pious Christianity or the Red Sox blend of religion and “idiocy”, only time will tell.

But history shows God favors the idiots.

Though, as Paul pointed out in an earlier post, the Rockies current run could only be explained as the act of a higher power.


3 Responses to “Rockies vs. Red Sox: who loves Jesus more?”

  1. Scott Boras:


    I think Boras’ eyes are beadier.

  2. Yes the Rockies run can only be explained as help from a higher power because it certainly is not skill after last nites a$$ whopping. LOL

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