clint-hurdle.jpgThe tag cloud in this blog is a one-eyed monster and said eye is none other than a tag that spells the name of a certain team with red stockings. Lest we forget there are two teams in this year’s World Series, I decided to compile some random links concerning the Other team.

» Consumerist sheds a light on the ticket fiasco in Denver:

The FBI is investigating after the Colorado Rockies blamed an “external, malicious attack” for the meltdown that prevented fans from buying World Series tickets.

» The Feds are on the case as well [BostonHerald]

» Game On, sez there’s an eerie similarity between the ’96 Series and this year’s Fall Classic:

Today’s entry is inspired by the eerie similarity between the 1996 and 2007 World Series.

  • 96-66: The regular season record of the Atlanta Braves (1996) and the Boston Red Sox (2007).
  • 17: The combined number of runs scored through the first two games of each series — Atlanta 16, Yankees 1 and Boston 15, Colorado 2.
  • 2-0: The advantage each “favorite” — Atlanta and Boston — held after Game 2.

» BigRapidsJackass at FanHome doesn’t like the shameless plugs Taco Bell is enjoying during each game:

Absolutely sickening. Doesn’t MLB have any standards anymore? They’ll take the highest bid and not even require the most minimal standards for separating advertising and coverage.

That Taco Bell thing is out of control. I absolutely refuse to believe that Royce Clayton spontaneously starts spouting off about Taco Bell in the dugout when he happens to be mic’d. A shameless plug, and then they repeat it in Game 2. Followed up by a pre-wired interview with some Taco Bell exec in the stands.

Oh, and by the way Ellsbury’s “stolen base” should’ve been recorded by the scorer as “took 2nd base on defensive indifference.” Screw your free taco, that was no stolen base.

» Taking it to another level. David Kuo writes in his J-Walking blog at

That makes me think that maybe Jesus wants the Rockies to get swept in four games by the mighty Sox just so they can show the world that their faith in him is such that they will positively rejoice at the Sox victory. How extraordinary would it be for the Rockies to gather on their field if the Sox win and applaud? What an amazing witness for the transformative power of Jesus would it be if the Rockies doused the Sox in champagne and celebrated their victory and praised God all the time. That would make people wonder about Jesus.

» And finally, Cubby-Blue illustrates what getting picked-off must feel like to Matt Holiday.

Man, the Rockies are toast…

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  1. Coley Ward says:

    Paul, I wasn’t sure whether or not bobcats eat snakes. So I looked it up and found this video, which I believe will answer the question definitively.

  2. Paul Moro says:

    The disparity between the “your ass is mine” claw swipes and the “please, please don’t bite me” jumps are pretty damned funny.

    And you now what else is funny? The narrator appears to think that this act of bloody violence is cute. What’s with the sound effects?

  3. Toying with the diamondback. That bobcat reminds me of Todd Helton.

  4. Sarah Green says:

    Yeah, clearly bobcats don’t eat snakes. Instead, “In the ulimate show of superiority, they leave them to rot in the desert sun.” To the sensuous sounds of the Spanish guitar, no less.

    Clearly, the D-Backs need a new mascot. Maybe a desert rat. Snakes eat rats!

  5. According to the website of the state of Massachusetts (I kid you not), bobcats do eat snakes:

    “They most commonly prey on medium sized animals such as rabbits and hares but will eat mice, squirrels, skunk, opossum, muskrat, birds, snakes, and other available items.”

    Found it here:

  6. Sarah Green says:

    You know what else I learned on my proud state’s website? That we have a state muffin. And it is a corn muffin.

  7. Is it specifically a Dunkin Donuts corn muffin?

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