As some of you may know, the Rockies have had one of their own fall prey to the UFH police. So it’s only fitting that one Todd Helton makes a cameo in this edition of UFH’s Most Wanted alongside the culrpit, Jamey Carroll.

A smooth man with his glove, Carroll’s smoothness went a little to his head, as he is now committing a copycat crime in trying to sport The Stash ala Jason Giambi.  Sure Giambi’s was a horrendous best of nature all in it’s own, but Carroll’s is a very feeble attempt at suave. Enough to prompt fellow teammate (and UFH parter in crime) Todd Helton to mock it in some fashion. Which, of course, is a nice segue way into a very appropriate World Series Write Your Own Caption.


13 Responses to “UFH/WYOC: World Series Edition”

  1. Alejandro says:

    Man, I should’ve live-blogged this one….

  2. So you are GODS team………well it looks like the romans have thrown the christians to lions!! The GODLESS Red Sox have taken you to task and will continue to do so. I have but one question when you lose the World Series does that finally proof once and for all that there is no GOD!!

  3. Paul Moro says:

    Dk, did you even read this post? Or are you just commenting on it?

    Is the “you” in this comment me? Because I can’t lose the World Series. My team didn’t even make the playoffs.

    And I’m pretty sure that Red Sox Nation is a religion. So in your world, god is Jason Varitek. So god does exist.

  4. Yes I read the post it is just that I find it hard to believe that your god has nothing better to do than to help your team win baseball games. Please get your head out of your a$$.

  5. Paul Moro says:

    Dude, the whole post is a joke. So my head is currently nowhere near an “a” and two dollar signs.

  6. Paul Moro says:

    And I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that I’m a Rockies fan. They’re not “my team”.

  7. Paul, you gotta shield yourself from that brain-dead Deadspin traffic.

  8. Sarah Green says:

    No joke, Blastings. Yikes. I think I’ve met this guy at Fenway. I think he spilled his $7 beer on me and then shouted unfunny, profanity-laced comments for several innings.

  9. “You gotta let it grow all-around, see, around these edges and at the bottom.”

  10. “You know what would help that patchy little stache you got going there? Face steroids. I know a guy…”

  11. Gootchi gootchi goo! Who’s a cute little mustache. You are! Yes, you are!

  12. Sarah Green says:

    “See, I can tell just from the most cursory examination that your facial hair suffers from split ends. I suggest a deep conditioning treatment such as Paul Mitchell’s ‘Hair Repair.'”

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