• Today the AJC does a “Where are they now?” feature on former Braves CF Otis Nixon. It seems Otis is sober again and he’s writing a book. Did you know that Nixon has twin sons named Travian and Travion?
  • The AJC also has a feature that talks about how Tom Glavine’s pay has paralelled the gains made by the players union. If you missed the press conference, Glavine has decided to earn $11 million this year, rather than $13 million, because $13 million was just too much pressure.
  • Crashburn Alley, which recently brought you Bill Conlin uncensored, today takes a look at why Andruw Jones is the most valuable free-agent CF on the market, despite what Jayson Stark might think.  This is pretty much a debunking of Stark’s argument that Andruw is in steep decline. Crashburn relies on fancy modern stats, like Revised Zone Rating, rather than just regular Zone Rating. Classy.

10 Responses to “Braves, Braves and more Braves.”

  1. You stay classy, San Diego!

    Glavine just went back to the Braves so he could retire there. He’s obviously going into the Hall of Fame as a Brave, not as a Met.

  2. Coley Ward says:

    I have no problem with Glavine going back to the Braves. And I have no problem with him leaving money on the table. But I do have a problem with him pretending that he’s only making $8 million. He got a $3 million buyout from the Mets. That counts!

  3. Coley,
    Did you notice Crashburn’s perspective on Aaron Rowand? They seemed to think he’s definitely behind Hunter offensively. Rowand may actually get a better deal than Jones due to the fact that he’s coming off a career year offensively. People seem to overrate Rowand’s defense, disregarding his propensity to run into walls and teammates. The team that signs Rowand is going to get the least player for their money.

  4. Coley Ward says:

    Regarding Rowand’s propensity to run into walls and teammates, it’s funny how some people consider than an attribute, while others consider it a flaw.

    Regarding Rowand’s offense, I think he’s probably overrated by some sports writers, but obviously not by the majority of online baseball bloggers, at least not the ones I read. I think he’s obviously not worth the kind of money Torii Hunter just got.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Otis Nixon! Thanks, Coley, for the Otis Nixon Update! I didn’t even realize how much I had missed him and his crazy pulled-up socks until I saw this post. Ahhhhhh Otis. During his brief stint with the Red Sox, when he was approximately 487 years old, they still had those old-timey stripey white and blue knee socks. Those were the days. The days when I wrapped myself in velour and drizzled cheap whiskey on typewriters….

  6. Otis Nixon actually looks too young in that picture! My memories of Otis from his brief stint as a Dodger were of an utterly dessicated husk of a man.

  7. Man, that Crashburn Alley piece is great – I came away completely convinced that Andruw is actually by far the best of the 3 CFs. Sadly, my Dodgers are probably the team MOST likely to overpay for exceedingly mediocre Aaron Rowand.

  8. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, your analysis of the Pirates woes is spot on. Bravo!

    I’m noticing a trend in these posts. Seems like just about everyone needs pitching. Surprise, surprise.

  9. Zambrano is an ace. He won 18 games in 07 and he’s only 26. Expect him to contend for the NL Cy Young this season. The Cubs pitching staff had the second lowest ERA in the NL last season and they are all coming back. They also had more strike outs than any other NL staff. Having said all of that they could use another top of the rotation starter, a solid number 2. Joe Blanton or Eric Bedard could really help solidify this team’s shot at an NL pennant. You are right about Pie in center he is probably the biggest question mark for the team coming into the season.

  10. nostrodomus says:

    Andruw Jones will do horribly. The dodgers will sign him. Aaron Rowand is fairly mediocre, and will have a mediocre season. Tori Hunter will have the best season. Tom Glavin is old and not worth 11 million dollars. Otis Nixon is actually the last living person to have met Vincent Van Gough.

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