Here’s the response from the Blogosphere, so far:

Fire Joe Morgan: The greatest hitter and the greatest pitcher of this era of baseball were both having superpower-juice regularly injected into their bodies. And we may never know the names of all of the hundreds of other users.

Vegas Watch (from its live blog): 2:01 Apparently Cossack said “Priestley” instead of “Grimsley”. Now that is funny.

Bugs and Cranks puts together the All-Mitchell Report Team and points out A-Rod’s attempt to upstage the Mitchell Report.

But A-Hole is not alone in his attempt to steal Mitchell’s spotlight. Mrs. Theo Espstein had the nerve to go into labor last night. Attention-seeking ho.

Tired of staring at “old man Mitchell,” With Leather posts a photo of Jessica Simpson.

Curt Schilling says, “I am hoping no one I know or respect shows up as a name on this report but I am feeling like that’s wishful thinking.” Well, it’s not like Roger Clemens was Curt’s hero, or anything like that.

more to come, as the internet geeks respond…

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