All-time Home Run King Sadaharu OhWhen you think about it, there are a lot of spiffy things about the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of the Nippon Pro Baseball League.

Their manager is living legend Sadaharu Oh. They play at a beautiful location on the shore of the ocean in a park that looks like the Terrordrome. They are one of Japan’s richest teams, and are perennial postseason I swear to god this is an actual Hawks fancontenders.

Not to mention, they also produced major leaguers Kenji Johjima and Tadahito Iguchi. And helped the great Tony Batista find a home away from home last season. And being from Fukuoka, of course they have the hottest fans.

But perhaps the coolest thing about the Hawks is their awesome fight song:


It turns out that all Japanese teams have a team fight song. Most of these songs are patterned after old prewar Japanese military marches, and have extremely militaristic lyrics. The Hawks song actually refers to the team as a gundan, or “war group,” which is literally the same term the Japanese Imperial Army used to use to refer to its mainTerrifying Japanese Technology armies.

Japan may have become a pacifist country since World War II, but you wouldn’t know it when you see 30,000 fanatical fans belting out these war songs at the top of their lungs in the echo chamber that is the Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome.

Here is my English translation of the the amazing lyrics to this amazing song:

In the salty wind of the broad unfathomable sea,

mighty wings are forged,

which, like a squall, fearlessly

striving for glory, soar!

Let’s go, you invincible battalion of young hawks!

Japanese SoldiersLet’s go, you fiery battalion of young hawks!

Our, yes our Softbank Hawks!

In the grand pennant race,

fighting spirit aflame, striking down the enemy,

each pitch, each hit a streak of fire,

the ball calls forth a passionate storm!

Let’s go, you invincible battalion of young hawks!

Let’s go, you fiery battalion of young hawks!

Our, yes our Softbank Hawks!

Give a victory shout!

Give a victory shout!

If we fight to the limits of strength

victory will always reside here,

and in the shining sky, the deeply emotional

championship banner will flutter.

Let’s go, you invincible battalion of young hawks!

Let’s go, you fiery battalion of young hawks!

Our, yes our Softbank Hawks!

If only the Royals had a fight song like this! A fight song about being an invincible battalion, and striking down the enemy with a fighting spirit aflame in order to capture the deeply emotional American League pennant. They’d never lose!

And powerful and passionate free agents like Tony Batista might sign with them, instead of running off to Japan.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

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  1. Alejandro Leal says:

    C’mon! Give rock a chance!

  2. I’m with you, Alejandro. I’m a bit surprised to see such little support from us UmpBumpers for Raines.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    ROD BECK?! TWO VOTES FOR ROD BECK? Is this a special UFH edition of the Hall of Fame or something?

    I know, the man died and it was sad. But that is no reason to put him in the Hall! I know this was supposed to be an anonymous ballot but I DEMAND THAT YOU SHOW YOURSELVES.

  4. Sarah Green says:

    Also, random trivia about Deacon Phillippe: an ancestor of actor Ryan Phillippe, Reese and Ryan’s son Deacon is named after him.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Jim Caple has an interesting screed today on the BBWAA and this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. His picks: Raines, Blyleven, Dawson, Gossage, Morris, Rice, Trammell, McGwire.

  6. Wait a second, hold on here: HOW IS IT THAT I AM THE ONLY PERSON THAT VOTED FOR LEE SMITH? Come one people, he is number two on the career list for saves and had a career ERA just a shade over 3.00!!! He averaged almost one K/inning! You know how many errors he made over his 18-year career? 4!!! That’s less than one for every Olympiad! Back-to-back winner of the highly coveted Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award in 91 and 92!!! How come no one remembers this guy?

  7. Nick Kapur says:

    Danny, I remember Lee Smith. I remember him as a good but not amazing pitcher, who was good but not amazing for many, many years.

    You can find any number of relievers with extremely similar stats to Smith. The only reason he is even considered for the Hall is that he happens to be second on the career saves list.

    So Lee Smith is only a Hall of Famer if you believe that the “save” as a stat means anything at all. I don’t.

  8. I am not a stat slave to the save, but I do think it is indicative of a reliever’s effectiveness. One of the relievers with similar stats to Lee Smith is Goose. And he got seven out of eight votes! And I think Smith is definitely more qualified than the UFH-sponsored Rod Beck, who got two votes.

  9. Still only 3/8 for Blyleven? Why does he get so little respect. If he’d won 13 more games, he’d have been a 1st ballot lock! 287 W, 118 ERAplus, 3701 K’s (3rd all-time when he retired).

    I get that he wasn’t Walter Johnson, but his top 3 comps are Sutton, Perry and Jenkins, all 3 HOF’ers, and his ERAplus is better than all 3!!!

  10. Nick Kapur says:

    Yeah, it’s amazing that Blyleven gets so little support. He’s fifth all-time in strikeouts (only Ryan, Carlton, Clemens, and Randy Johnson are ahead), ninth all-time in shutouts, 11th in games started, 13th in innings, and 26th in wins. Pretty much all the guys on either side of him on those lists are in the Hall of Fame.

    Blyleven is the anti-Sandy Koufax – insanely good career numbers but without the jaw-droppingly monstrous peak. Usually you are supposed to have both to make the Hall, but like Sandy, Blyleven should probably get in anyway because his career numbers are just that incredible.

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