Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now might have noticed that some of us harbor a faint disdain for the defensive abilities of a certain Derek Sanderson Jeter.

Get there!So it was with some interest that we read Lee Panas’s recent blog post evaluating the defensive contributions made by major league shortstops in 2007.

Panas looked at six well-known systems for evaluating a player’s defense and averaged the number of runs a player prevented last season according to each system, normalizing the results for 150 games.

In first place was John McDonald of the Toronto Blue Jays, who would have prevented an amazing 26 runs last season had he played in 150 games. In close second was Troy Tulowitzki, who saved 25 runs. From there the drop off was pretty huge, with the seemingly ageless Omar Vizquel taking third place with 16 runs prevented.

And in DEAD LAST PLACE out of the 30 shortstops evaluated, averaged across 6 different systems?

Yep, it was Derek Jeter of the Yankees, with an average result of 27 extra runs allowed above a shortstop of average range, over the course of 150 games.

Man, how did this guy ever win a gold glove?

Of course, we here at UmpBump believe in moderation, and we understand that any player can have an off year, so we took this news in stride, and refrained from any unnecessary, self-satisfied glee:

From: Nick

To: UmpBump Staff

Check out this list of the best and worst defensive shortstops last season… Any guesses as to who was dead last?

From: Sarah

To: UmpBump Staff

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone please blog this!

20 Responses to “More Proof that Jeter Sucks”

  1. CANE_MANny says:

    Now repeat after me… HALL OF FAME Short Stop…. now go back to your Apple II and crank out some more numbers before your shift bagging groceries starts….

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    Meh, I’m unimpressed by your attempt at a humorous smackdown.

    Just because Jeter is going to go into the Hall of Fame (and rightfully so), doesn’t mean that he is, or ever was, a great defensive shortstop.

  3. Don’t forget that he doesn’t validate parking either.

  4. Look, as much as I’ve been unimpressed by Lugo… at least he’s not Jeter. I’m with Nick here.

    Also, I think someone should make sure Sarah–whereever she is–hasn’t passed out from laughing too hard. For her own safety, you know.

    Sarah? (taps on computer screen) Sarah, you okay out there?

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Speaking of my unbridled love for Derek Jeter, have any of you guys noted the new Gatorade commercial featuring Jeter? The schtick is roughly like this: “When the game is on the line…” (shot of clock counting down) (black-and-white freeze-frames of athletes including Derek Jeter) “And the whole world is watching…” (suddenly florescent beads of sweat start rolling down each motionless athlete’s face)”Will you come through?” (Jeter belts a line drive).

    Since when has Derek Jeter ever had any kind of rep for clutchness? Especially right on the heels of his weak performance in this year’s postseason, in which he grounded into a double play approximately every 18 minutes.

    But I guess this is what you have to settle for when the guy with the clutch-hitting rep already has a contract with Vitamin Water.

  6. Nick Kapur says:

    Well Sarah, whether deserved or not, Jeter *does* have a reputation for clutchness, somehow. He actually has a nickname, “Captain Clutch,” and if you ask any Yankees fan, they will be happy to tell you all about what a clutch player he is.

    But yeah I agree with you – looking at numbers there’s nothing that says Jeter is particularly clutch. I think it’s some sort of psychology thing, where because they love him so much, Yankees fans only remember the times Jeter comes through in the clutch, and forget/write off/rationalize the times he doesn’t, just like how they rip A-Rod for ever out he makes in the playoffs, but never notice when Jeter sucks as well.

  7. Way to disreguard his series saving defense in the 2001 Divisional series (slide jeremy slide and the falling catch into the stands)and the heroic dive into the stands to catch Nixon’s popup in a very important July series with the sox in 2005. We won that game and the division because of that game.

    Haters will never understand anything that blinds them with envy.

  8. Michael, Congratulations on winning that “very important July series,” it propelled you to the World Series that year, right? Nobody makes a “heroic” dive like your guy. Maybe the haters are blinded by the glistening gatorade fueled persperation on Derek’s brow.

  9. Sarah Green says:

    Yeah, I remember that catch. One great catch = THREE Gold Gloves?! Preposterous.

    Jeter is about as clutch as Jason Varitek. Look, I know ‘Tek is The Captain, and I love him just as much as any Yankee fan loves Jeter, but make no mistake: when Varitek comes up with two on and two out in a tie game, I know—I KNOW—that 9 times out of 10, he goes down swinging or grounds into the rally-killing DP. It’s okay. It doesn’t make me love him any less. He’s still got tons of gritty intangibles, like the way he handles the pitching staff, the way he calls the game, and the way the gleam of justice shines from his noble brow. Or is it mien? I think his shiningly noble brow actually results in him having a noble mien. But whatever. You get my point. I can see that Jeter has a certain nobility of mien [vomits a little in own mouth] if you’re from New York. But that doesn’t make him a good fielder. I think it’s highly less likely that I’m a hater blinded by envy than that those who insist on defending his shitty range are homers blinded by adoration.

  10. Nick Kapur says:

    Man, I’d totally forgotten that Jeter was all the was up to THREE gold gloves by now!

    That must be some really high-grade crack that the managers and coaches were smoking those years…

  11. I really don’t think this post should be a knock on Derek Jeter as much as it should be a knock on MLB for choosing him for a gold glove. Its not like he campaigns for the GG or shows it off wherever he goes. I think Palmero won one a while back for playing

    all of 30 games at first base. Most Yankee fans would like to see Jeter make a move to the outfield, DH, or even first base in the next few years because we know his defense is troublesome for a young pitching staff.

    Last two years, however, Jeter hit .357 and .380something with runners in scoring position. That’s not too bad.

  12. Sarah Green says:

    Yes, Tripp, you are right. I think that much is clear in the post: our hatred of Jeter is (mostly) tongue-in-cheek, while the real target of our scorn is the dumbasses who pick him for the GG. And possibly Michael, who I can’t tell if he’s kidding about Jeter’s defensive prowess or not. The only thing to say in favor of Jeter’s defense is that when he does get to the ball, he usually fields it cleanly. If only he would just come out of the closet already! DEREK IT’S OKAY. NEW YORK WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!

  13. Really, Tripp, really?

    We should not heap scorn and derision upon the guy who came in DEAD LAST in that comparison? Particularly when he’s the face of a franchise?

    Next up in celebrating mediocrity, Philadelphia Phillies announce Adam Eaton as the new Ambassador to the Fans.

  14. Funny Rich, I didn’t think he won it this year.

    And once again I never said he deserved it the three years before that.

  15. Also, celebrate mediocrity by writing about Jimmy Rollins winning the GG over Tulowitzki.

  16. Sarah Green says:

    Oh, but Tripp, we already did.

  17. Ah. I see. Well I guess I’m the asshole then.

    Thanks, I’ve only been reading for a week or so, but great site. Love the Banter that goes on.

  18. Sarah Green says:

    No worries. We always love an opportunity to link back to an old post. :)

  19. Derrick Holland says:

    Man you are so correct, Derek Jeter is the most over-rated player in baseball, when the game is on the line, Jeter chokes. When is the last time Derek Jeter has come through in the clutch at the plate, let alone the field. He has made a few sensasional plays in the field, but every blind squirrel finds a nut. He is the most overpaid Yankee to ever wear the pinstripes.

  20. Like ALWAYS jeter Srews it up I’ve said
    this for years,!!!OVERATED!!!!.He’s won
    1,2,3 Gold Gloves,ALL undeservingly.But
    oh he’s derek jeter and we love him,that
    is COMPLETE BULL—-!!!!,he I mean she is

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