Captain Picard is number 1!Hot on the heels of one too-strange-to-be-fake story, it at first appeared that UmpBump had stumbled onto another:

From: Coley

To: UmpBump Staff

Re: Teixeira likes Sci Fi

So, I’m currently writing a blurb about the Phoenix Comicon for the Arizona Daily Star, and I noticed the following graph on the Comicon’s website:

“This year the support from guests and the reaction from fans has blown us away. We’ve got Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness coming out. David Finch, Arthur Suydam, and Matt Wagner. Plus Michael Golden, Mark Texeira, and so many more.”

Mark Teixeira is going to Comicon. And now I need to go. I wonder if he’s into furries?

It was a legit question. After all, if he wasn’t there to yiff, what would the star first baseman be doing at a Phoenix-area gathering of comic book collectors, Trekkies, and Star Wars aficionados?

Where's Mark?I felt like a putz for not recognizing the names of the other luminaries in attendance. Not a LeVar Burton or a DeForest Kelley in the bunch! But just as I was starting to doubt my fanhood—and just as we were starting to get some really interesting confessions from Paul—it all came crashing down to earth.

From: Coley

To: UmpBump Staff

Re: RE: Teixeira likes Sci Fi

Sadly, I jumped the gun again. Mark Texeira, the comic book creator, will be at the Phoenix Comicon. Mark Teixeira the baseball player will not.


So remember, baseball fans, no matter what you read on other, less eagle-eyed baseball blogs: Mark Teixeira will NOT be at the Phoenix Comicon.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not a furvert.

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