With nary a weekend between us and Super Tuesday, you’d think the pro-war crowd would be subdued, since, ya know, the war is kind of unpopular these days and the front runners have all but ensured a pullout.

What’s interesting, though, is how people find ways to support the troops without explicity being in favor of the war. Those are two different things. Hell, my book order from Amazon came with a plastic, mailable pouch where they ask people to donate used cell phones for the troops to call home. Had I a spare cell phone, you bet I would’ve sent it. Doesn’t mean that I was too happy about the war in the first place.

And now, White Sox hurler Mark Buehrle, has convinced management to have the team wear camouflage unis this 4th of July to show support for the men in uniform. The gimmick is right up the Sox alley:

The Sox are famous for all their uniform changes throughout the years and I think they pioneered the St. Patrick’s day jerseys that are popping up around the league.


Mind you, this would have been 100 times cooler if the San Diego Padres hadn’t been wearing military themed uniforms for a while now.

san-diego-padres-camouflage.jpgRight; so what do Padres‘ fans have to say about all this?

There is only one Team of the Military and every body knows it’s the the Padres. The rest of these teams are unpatriotic communists. You know it’s true.

Apparently it was Mark Buehrle who magically came up with the idea while watching any number of Padres games over the last decade. Not only did he insist that the White Sox wear the camo on the 4th of July, but he had it put into his contract. Buehrle is a fraud and a war profiteer!

The White Sox are a disgrace. I’m calling for Congress to get involved. I want Mark Buehrle under oath! Let’s have him tell Uncle Sam where he came up with this idea, so that we can put him behind bars where all copy cats belong!

You know, that’s interesting. I’ve actually been to San Diego to watch these very Sox play against those very same Padres; when we left the stadium after a 2-1 Padre victory, some badass douche bag stepped to us, taunting the victory: “This is Padres country, son.” How appropriate from a fan of the team represented by priests.

[H/T White Sox Cards]

2 Responses to “Padres fans think everyone else is an unpatriotic communist”

  1. Coley Ward says:

    Are the White Sox’ camos going to be urban camos?

  2. I take it as a compliment when someone calls me an unpatriotic communist. But that’s because I’m unpatriotic and for communism in theory.

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