Less than one year ago, Mark Kotsay’s wife Jamie was still a mystery, a legendarily hot baseball wife whose pictures were so rare that her hotness remained largely unknown and unworshipped. But UmpBump.com changed all that last spring when we used our insane ninja skills to bring you the largest collection of Jamie Kotsay pictures ever assembled in one place.

But now we are upping the ante.

That’s right, thanks to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, we now present to you a collection of scans from Jamie Kotsay’s modeling days which have never before been seen anywhere on the internets. Ever. Until now!

Is Jamie Kotsay really the hottest baseball wife of them all? Decide for yourself:


(Pictures continue after the jump)







11 Responses to “Hot Baseball Wife Exclusive: Jamie Kotsay Modeling Pics”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    I think I’m in love.

  2. What happened to the rest of the Hot Offseason Action?

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Doug, I think the answer is, “our day jobs.” I plan on having Tigers and Rangers up sometime later this week. Thanks for the question—they are coming!

  4. They’re coming, Doug, don’t worry!

    But as you can see we got a little bit…er…distracted by Ms. Kotsay…

  5. Outstanding work, Mr. Nick. This is why I surf the internets. And outstanding work, too, Meester Kotsay. Yup yup.

  6. You have totally redeemed yourselves for the Manatee pics.

    The interwebs thank you.

  7. How would one say…. oh yeah. Hubba Hubba!!!

  8. Found another pic on the March cover of ChopTalk. Not quite as racy, but still very easy on the eyes.


  9. I understand now why Mark doesn’t have the energy and stamina to be a starter!

  10. I’m in love ;-))

  11. dallas.hessler13@ymail.com says:

    i lov her


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