2008 will go down in history as the year America elected its first African-American or woman president, the year the Coen Brothers finally won their “Best Picture” Oscar, and the year Umpbump finally took the plunge into fantasy baseball.

The Umpbump fantasy league will include 12 teams. It will be a head to head league. It’s also a Yahoo Premium league, which means lots of bells and whistles including prizes for the winning team. Each of the Umpbump writers (except Nick) — Paul, Sarah, Alejandro and I — will have teams. That leaves seven open spots. Entry is free.

The draft will be held on Wednesday, March 19 at 8 p.m. EST.

If you’re interested in participating in the Umpbump league, leave your name and qualifications in the comments section. We’ll pick the eight most worthy candidates.

Let the games begin!

37 Responses to “Sign up for the UmpBump fantasy league!”

  1. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball since 2003, mostly on Yahoo! Sports, but also on ESPN CBS Sportsline, and MLB GameDay, so I’ve had to draft using different scoring and/or rankings settings. I’m primarily a redraft, 5×5 All-MLB player, meaning I don’t have any record (or sometimes even experience) to show of when it comes to rotisserie, keeper, league-only, or auction settings. I’m fairly obsessive about baseball, though, and read about 40 blogs/sites on a regular basis, participate on the Sons of Sam Horn (Red Sox) message board, and even have a blog of my own — though the latter is the most neglected of these practices, though competing with professional bloggers/writers (which I think I could) would give me a reason to upgrade my attention-level.

    As far as baseball itself goes, I’m 22, I’ve been a Red Sox fan since Nomar first started playing in the big leagues, love baseball cards, and even got a chance to play varsity ball in high school. I watch a lot of games on MLBtv, including Spring Training when there’s an interesting matchup, and read advanced statistical research that catches my eye (Bill James is a good place to start). I develop player-crushes pretty frequently, too, and regardless of how they pan out as fantasy contributors, tend to keep up on them religiously (Jason Stokes, Billy Traber, and Josh Bard to name a few).

    As for performance, I’ve played mostly public leagues, and out of the ones I took seriously (every year before last I’d have an all Red Sox public league team) I’ve had fairly good success: in the seven full-season leagues I played last year, I made the championship in four, won two, and finished third in the others). Before that, from ’03 to ’06, I won seven championships, and was runner-up six times (only 2/13 were private leagues — though those were arguably more competitive). I tend to have off-years after big winning years, though, so I’m trying to be as fresh and inventive as I can this year so not to overly trust habits that worked for me last season.

    Finally, even though I might have seemed pretty boastful in this post, I was just trying to make a credible argument for myself. I’m really down-to-earth, love being sarcastic and good-natured in drafts and on message boards over the season, and love being in active leagues with girls/guys that like to have a good time.

    My Yahoo! ID is ima_scab_baby (alternate co-account with a friend: ralent_entertainment), my AIM is lowesox, and my e-mail is (alternate: (I like alternates…)

    Look forward to getting a chance to play with you, should I get it.

  2. I started fantasy baseball last year winning my Yahoo! fantasy league. I’m really into the game – I was probably the only one in the league to update rosters daily.

    I would really enjoy playing.

  3. Kurt Hironimus says:

    I won my league last year after finishing second repeatedly in a poor league. I plan on dominating a new league I’m in this year (which is basically my wife, 8-year-old son, 6-year-old son, and others in my family who know very little about baseball). I’ll pay attention most days I’m not in Disneyworld.

    I’ll have a moderately clever teamname to go with my mediocre team (seriously, you need me to make sure you don’t finish in the bottom four spots).

    Oh, I want Fukodome.

    I coached high school baseball for years, but quit so I can watch my kids play. I have a cute daughter. Perhaps my biggest qualification is that I love Wendy Peppercorn.

  4. Evan Hochschild says:

    I’m a 22 year old baseball and sabermetrics fan, who has played fantasy baseball for three years, in a Yahoo 6×6 league. I’m a law student (in my spare time..) but have spent the past month creating 6 spreadsheets to prepare for my primary league draft. I’m a frequent reader of Baseball Prospectus, Hardball Times, MLB Traderumors and this site, as well.

    I understand that you folks are going to want to find the best player possible. To be honest, I would challenge anyone (the authors of this site included) to best me in either fantasy ability or general baseball know how. It would be an honor to play alongside worthy competitors, and I hope to be selected for such an opportunity.

  5. Stephen Higdon says:

    I’m a 21 year old rotogeek, who has been playing fantasy baseball for the past three years, in both a 5×5 and 6×6 format. I am Junior at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Tx, where I am pursuing a Political Science bachelors with a minor in Economics. I, like every other geek who has posted their qualifications, spend an absurd amount of my day thinking, reading, watching, and just generally obsessing about baseball. I won’t bore you with the details of my sad affairs, but I’ll just state this: I am the balls. Pure at simple.

    So, let’s do the damn thing.

  6. Kyle Huffman says:

    I am extremely dedicated to my fantasy teams, I don’t give up on them if they fall behind early, I show up and participate in drafts, I check my roster daily. I try and only play in 2-3 leagues every year, and have won 3 out of the last 4 years in one of the leagues i am in. I am looking for some stiffer competition and am hoping you guys are capable of providing it.

  7. hey, i’m very interested in joining your league…. what kind of fantasy league can it be without FATGUY!…

    i’ve been involved in leagues for years and currently involved in yahoo baseball. looks like the league will be competitive so this is where i want to be!

    Thx – Good Luck with the season

  8. Caitlin Grace says:

    A half-hour before my wedding I traded Nomar Garciaparra for Brett Myers. During my honeymoon, I told my fiancee I was going out to get some drinks, when in fact I visited the guest computer room at our hotel in the Dominican to check the standings of my local 14-team mixed 5-on-5 league. I name all my current teams after my daughter, Caitlin. I’m 35, own a restaurant in Connecticut, and I’m obsessed with fantasy baseball.

  9. Fantasy baseball is a form of entertainment, and I treat it as such. The league needs interesting people. I’m interesting! I don’t treat fantasy baseball like life and death — I try to have a good time with it. And I’ll make sure to provide lots of witty commentary and fodder for others.

    My wife goes to bed really early. So she buys me MLB Extra Innings on pay-per-view every year. I get to watch lots of games. Mostly teams on the West Coast. So I apologize in advance if you wanted Juan Pierre or Trevor Hoffman, sorry.

    As if you really care about me, I’m a 27-year-old entertainment lawyer living in Atlanta. I’m a shameless fan of all of the Atlanta professional sports teams and a big Gator fan.

    E-mail me: See you at the draft (hopefully!)

  10. Larry P says:


    If you’d like to condider an older guy, 52, who lives in the Rochester NY area, I’d love to compete in your league. I’ve been playing for about 20 years now, before the internet, when you really had to work to win, like calling front offices to see if your west coast guy went on the DL over the weekend. I’ve won my share of trophies and yahoo showers, lost plenty too. But in all the years I’ve played I’ve only done auction leagues, so the chance to play in your H2H league sounds like a nice challenge.

  11. Michael Sullivan says:

    I’ll trade my 2nd rd and 7th rd for ur 1st and 10th. Fantasy is the name but trading is the game. I’ve acquired another first and second in my work h2h league. Very competitive AL only league with trash talking and trading. Looking to play with what i’m guessing is some serious comp. Doesn’t say if its mixed or not but i’m up for some new gm’s to hang with. Congrats on the mlbtraderumors gig guys, thats where i was led to umpbump and i must say i enjoy any site that not only celebrates baseball but the hot wives that are also a byproduct of this culture is the coolest!!!!! Pick me, Pick me.

  12. Bryan Inman says:

    So I came across this site while on I love fantasy baseball and would love to be in your league.

    I’m a college student and have nothing better to do than drink some brewski and play fantasy games. So you don’t have to worry about me not paying attention as the season drags on.

    I live it Pittsburgh, and though I love my Pirates, they are quite woeful (In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 16 and counting years). To make up for the failures of the Bucco’s, I play and generally win fantasy baseball.

    This will be my ninth season playing fantasy baseball, and I can make a league very competitive. I would love to see what I can do against a group of guys who write about baseball.

    Hopefully you guys will consider me and give me a shot in the league.

    Thanks for your time.

    …Also, I happen to be a journalism major. If you guys are looking for a contributor or anything like that let me know. I would love to get my name and my work online for people to see.

  13. For many years I have been testing my personal theory that my fantasy teams have an actual impact on reality. I have consistently drafted pitchers in the early rounds only to have them sustain year long injuries. Prior (fuck Dusty Baker), Randy Johnson, BJ Ryan, the list is endless. Perhaps it could be pointed out that these players are simply pussies and to avoid them. I can only guarantee that no team in the league will have worse luck than me and that my team will take the hard injury hits. I also obsessively check my teams and will not give up on the league, no matter the standings.

  14. Just found your site today, reading MLBTR at 6am before everyone else in my family wakes up (one of 30 or so sites I read daily, but I’d now guess that number goes up to 31). I’ve been playing fantasy sports since 2004, and have 13 baseball leagues that I’m in currently, so I’d prefer to make it an even 14. I will be at the draft, I set my lineup daily (if the league settings allow), am an active trader and always stay in it until the very end, no matter where my team finishes (I’m usually competitive, but injuries sometimes get in the way). I am commissioner of an ESPN keeper league and 2 free yearly Yahoo leagues that have returning owners every season.
    My Yahoo profile is at:
    and my ESPN profile is here:
    Thanks for your consideration.
    P.S. I also write a monthly column for

  15. If it’s not too late I’d like to throw my hat in the ring…

    I currently own teams in a couple head-to-head leagues, one a ten-teamer and one an eight-teamer that combines football and baseball (you can trade players among both sports, sign long-term contracts and we tally up the combined standings).

    I’ve been playing FBB since ’02, and if you need an owner I’d love to join in–great site!

  16. If the league is not yet filled I’d like to have a shot.

    Last year I won 3 out of the 4 leagues that I participated in and made the playoffs in the league that I lost.

    In 2006 I won one private league and came in 2nd place in another private league where I placed higher than a member of the Rotoauthority Silver League.

    In 2001 I started playing fantasy baseball joining 4 Yahoo public leagues. I finished in 2nd in 3 leagues and won one league championship.

    I have played in various scoring systems and types of leagues and have had success in all formats. I check lineups daily, can be there for the draft, and would love to play in a league with some tough competition.

    Love the site…would love to have the opportunity!

  17. soh_pioro says:

    haha, some of these entries are funny; ppl seem so desperate to be picked; look at me, look at me!

    anyways, im the guy you will hate during draft day/reg season since:
    1- i will be taking your sleepers a bit earlier than you
    2- if you take your sleeper very early, i will make you pay by picking up the ‘quality remains’ you left
    3- i know all of the comeback candidates, prospects, players coming back from injuries
    4- i will take chances on the waiver wire, and make you feel stupid for not picking up that “Braun” or “Shields” when you had the chance.
    5- i am that crazy analytical guy who has linked spreadsheets and pivot tables, occasionally using access databases for querying and projecting weekly matchups.

    5th year doing fantasy baseball; i do it all, basketball and football. But everyone who is commenting has experience, has won their leagues and blah blah blah. However, there might be one thing I can surely offer, an intangible:

    respect for diligent fantasy owners. what does this mean to you? even if i am last, i will be aggressive on the wire and taking chances on trades. I will be either first, or last; no good in being first loser (second place). I have been in leagues where ppl destroy the integrity and the season of many owners by simply being stupid. For your sakes, I hope you won’t be picking anyone like that.

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