Joe Posnanski consults his Baseball Prospectus and gets Magic 8-Ball Answers. I eagerly await future posts in this series.

Squawking Baseball has calculated over-unders for the NL and the AL.

The Boston Metro, where I hang my hat, reports that JD Drew kept limber this offseason by bowling. I knew there had to be a reason I put him on my fantasy team.

The Baseball Analysts have an interesting look at those players who’ve run out of options (minor league options, that is).

Bugs and Cranks notes that the Yankees traveled to Virginia Tech to play a game there in memory of the 32 victims of last year’s shooting. Not to rain on anyone’s feel-good parade, but what do the Yankees have to do with Virginia? (Although I guess having the Nats come to town wouldn’t be quite as awesome.)

Bus League Baseball has an offer you simply can’t refuse: the Red Sox are looking for host families for members of the Portland Sea Dogs, their AA affiliate. It’s a heckuva commute from Somerville to Maine, but I’d gladly let one of them sleep on my futon.

Finally, via …Ladies, Cole Hamels has a request of his own: heckle me.

6 Responses to “Signs point to Thursday reading”

  1. I believe Steinbrenner attended VaTech!

  2. Brett Myers could out-bowl J.D. Drew any day of any week!

  3. Brian Sadecki says:

    I don’t think any of the Steinbrenners went to VT.

    The story I heard was that George Steinbrenner called up after the shootings and asked if there was anything he and the team could do. So, to answer your question: the Yankees volunteered to play and that’s what they were doing there.

    It was very tasteful of Sarah to call this into question.

  4. Taste has nothing to do with it. It’s a valid question when there are 8 Major League teams whose home is closer to Blacksburg than the Bronx.

    It’s just curious, that’s all.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    George Steinbrenner went to Williams, if the series of tubes is to be believed. And I do remember hearing about that phone call, now that Brian mentions it.

    Danny O, you must never forget that the Yankees are AMERICA’S TEAM. It’s unpatriotic to question anything they do. Commie!

  6. I believe the Williams Athletic Center is named after George — and for good reason. I’m fairly certain he paid for its construction.

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