Here’s A’s skipper Bob Geren and his wife arriving in Tokyo, looking quite the dashing duo:

And here’s Red Sox manager Terry Francona and his wife, looking, well…not:

Here’s hoping they weren’t planning on meeting up for dinner. (Awk-ward!)

But the dichotomy wasn’t limited to the manager. This photo left me wondering, “Is that Travis Buck or Hansel? He’s so hot right now!”

There’s no question, however, about Kevin Youkilis right here:

If you squint, you can actually see every minute of that 18-hour flight on his face. Not so for Bobby Crosby:

The last time I saw a bald man looking that good in a suit, it was Jason Statham and he was transporting something. But hey, at least Manny wore a blazer….and his “dressy” do-rag:

Jack Cust, meanwhile, gives his classic pinstriped look two thumbs up:

And at least the Sox have Curt Schilling with them to wear a suit (if not to…oh, I don’t know…throw a ball):

Too bad he forgot his button-down. (And too bad his suite is beige. A beige suit is never the answer, Curt. Especially for a man who is 1. pasty and 2. watching his weight.)

What do you say, UmpBumpers?

8 Responses to “You Make the Call [Sox v. A’s fashion police in Japan edition]”

  1. The Truth says:

    Good for the A’s! At least they have a little class and style. The Red Sox look like every sloppy, overweight, poorly groomed American tourist I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t like those slobs were squeezed into a coach seat for 18 hours. They had their own plane. Poor babies. I’ve been to Tokyo, and it’s an amazingly stylish city. Too bad these American rednecks couldn’t try any harder to represent.

  2. Gee, maybe it is because the A’s only had a 12-hour flight!

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Do suits turn beige after more than 12 hours above 30,000 feet? I had no idea.

  4. Pierre Bernard says:

    No no, after more than 12 hours above 30,000, suits become jeans.

  5. At least Tito, Jr. hasn’t let success go to his head… no HBW for him!

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Actually, you know who has a refreshingly normal wife? David Ortiz!

  7. Good for Papi; I didn’t know that. I’ve always been particularly fond of players whose wives aren’t the stereotypical model type just because it shows they’re not a completely shallow opportunist. Too often you hear about guys whose careers are just starting to take off divorcing their high school sweetheart and dating actresses.

  8. Nick Kapur says:

    heh, yeah, I am almost tempted to HBW Tiffany Ortiz just for looking like a normal human being. It must take a certain kind of inner hotness to be the wife of David Americo Ortiz.

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