• Camden YardsVia Rob Neyer, Homer Derby brings us models of major league ballparks made out of legos.
  • Skip Caray talks about how he almost died over the winter, and why he won’t be calling as many Braves games this season.
  • Jay Mariotti gives us his take on Moises Alou’s flip-flop. It’s about time — I was dying to know what Mariotti thought.
  • Kenny Williams doesn’t need this.
  • Billy Butler’s wife can cook, and she’s sharing one of her family recipes!

10 Responses to “Hump Day Reading”

  1. Brian Sadecki says:

    Derek Jeter provides sub-par defense at SS?!

    We have to get this out to the press ten years ago!!!

    I also heard that Barry Bonds walks a lot.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Brian, I see that for once we are in agreement. This calls for cake!

  3. Kris Gardner says:

    Jeter was actually decent defensively in his rookie season, and when both were still prospects (way back in 1993), the consensus was that ARod was the better player offensively, and Jeter was the better defender. Umm… Well, as it turns out, not quite. ARod is far superior all around – not that that’s is an insult necessarily. But those Gold Gloves are a joke, as they often are.

  4. Sarah Green says:

    Kris, I sometimes think that when two good players are judged against each other, the one with less offensive prowess is often accorded “better defender” status almost by default.

  5. Ummm, so maybe Mrs. Butler isn’t as hot as Mrs. Kotsay or Mrs. Tejada…but if she can cook and ENJOYS IT, that makes her a hot baseball wife.

  6. TrueYank619 says:

    Puhlease….that report is bogus just like this article. This is the same report that said Clint Barmes was the best Shortstop. Where’s Clint Barnes? Probably playing for the Mudcats or the Bulls. C’mon now.

  7. Sarah Green says:

    Right, “TrueYank.” And all the defensive stats ever invented are no doubt also bogus. We all know that Derek Jeter is a great defensive shortstop, just like we know that David Eckstein “just knows how to win.”

  8. TrueYank619 says:

    Sarah seriously get your head out of the stats page. You put up a one sided article and slammed Jeet. Obviously being a Red Sux fan objectivity goes out the window. I mean how could we truly trust an article that sites hitting on Sienna Miller as truth.

    You’re basing it on stats to tell me Jeter sucks? Then you might as well tell me Ozzie Smith sucks, Omar Vizquel sucks, Dave Concepcion, sucks.

    The fact of the matter here is that there are simply to many formulas and variables when it comes to stats. So yes, you can make stats prove anything.

    You’re just pissed because the “people with the microphones” don’t admit it so you have to pull out a professor from the “Wharton School”. As if “Wharton School” of business will sway my thinking. I know it’s bogus when stats tell me that Clint Barnes is a better Shortstop.

    This is just another Red Sux fan with nothing better to do then slam Jeet once again.

    “Derek Jeter has won multiple Gold Gloves, yet his defense sucks.” Yeeeeaaaah the Gold Glove voted on by Managers and Coaches , but yet it infuriates you that nobody sees what you see except a couple stat nerds. I’m going to believe you and the professor at Wharton with the stats over MLB Managers and Coaches?


  9. Sarah Green says:

    You say that I wrote that “Jeter sucks” and that I “slammed Jeet.” I actually wrote that “I’ve always felt that Jeter seemed like a pretty classy guy” and that “I respect his ability to reliably hit .300 with moderate power.” But I do think that one part of Jeter’s game—his defense—has been really overrated, yes.

    You clearly disagree, and I’m sorry to have offended such a neutral, unbiased student of the game.

  10. Nick Kapur says:

    The problem here isn’t that stats can be made to say anything, it’s that that basically ever defensive stat ever invented is in agreement that Jeter is bad at defense. And those same stats all agree that Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizquel, and Dave Concepcion were all great defenders, so there is really no comparison there.

    Sometimes the gold glove voters and the stats agree that someone is a great defender. In a other cases, they don’t and the stats help us know that a player is not actually as good as they look.

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