weshelms01.jpgWell, this seems to have kind of gotten lost in the excitement of the start of the season, but did anyone else notice that the Phillies traded Wes Helms to the Florida Marlins for one dollar? And not only that, but the Phillies also agreed to pay all of Helms’ $2.15 million salary for this season.

It goes without saying that this is a pretty decent deal for the Marlins, but how ignominious is that for Wes Helms to be so unwanted by your old team that you get traded for a single dollar?

As far as crazy trades go, this one is right up there with the Braves getting reliever Kerry Ligtenberg from a Northern League team for a bucket of balls and some baseball bats.

Actually, I’m sure those balls and bats cost significantly more than $1.


11 Responses to “Wes Helms traded for $1”

  1. Nice, I’ve also seen the BP tome used as a surface for breaking up weed on… umm… right before I threw it away and called the cops… um yeah, that’s the ticket

  2. What a slap in the face for Wes Helms.
    Really though, what kept Philadelphia from putting him on waivers? If they want to give him up for nothing, wouldn’t that have saved them $2.15 million? Or is Wes Helms so bad these days that no one would possibly pick him up?

  3. I haven’t seen such a lopsided deal since the Red Sox sold Ruth’s contract to the Yankees :-)

  4. Nobody was going to pick up Helm’s contract for $2.5 million. Wasn’t going to happen. But Florida will have to pay $750,000 to buy Helms out next season. So, this way, the Phillies save $750,000.

    Having said all that, when you’re getting traded for $1, that’s gotta be a sign that your playing days are drawing to a close.

  5. Still… at $1, wouldn’t he be the highest paid Marlin?

  6. Nick Kapur says:

    Actually, Reggie, I know you were joking, but Wes Helms is now officially the second highest paid Marlin, behind only closer Kevin Gregg.

  7. Coley Ward says:

    Of course, the Marlins aren’t actually paying any of Helms’ salary, so I’m not sure that counts.

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