Week 3 of the fantasy season has come and gone in the UmpBump fantasy league. Which players are hot, which are not, and how we did:

Coley: This is a new low. I lost to Alejandro’s team. Trust me, that’s really bad. That’s like getting swept by the Giants. How did this happen? Well, Alejandro’s squad boasts a couple of guys who went nuts this week. And my team, frankly, there are a lot of culprits. Brandon Phillips is especially guilty. One more week like this and I’m gonna pull the trigger on a big trade. Hot: Aaron Harang, Jose Reyes. Not: Brandon Phillips, Carlos Pena, Dice-K.

Alejandro: My team had a decent outing this week, and I was able to move up a spot in the standings thanks to my 7-4 victory over Crunkball All-Stars (take that, Ward!). I owe it all to Chipper Jones, Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez and Mr. Connor Jackson, who had a scorching hot week (10 runs, 3 home runs, 10 RBI, 1 stolen base, a whopping 27 total bases and a .519 OBP). I have to say, I had a feeling about this kid. While covering the Diamondbacks for last year’s and this year’s Hot Offseason Action, his name kept coming up in talks about young bats on the rise, so I drafted him thinking I’d take a gamble. Safe to say, it’s starting to pay off! I also took another gamble on Clete Thomas, the Tigers rookie outfielder. His numbers were overshadowed by his team’s poor start, but quietly he’s got a .302 average, and a respectable .327 OBP. The news on the grapevine is, however, that he’ll be sent down to Triple A when Curtis Granderson is ready to come back (which will probably happen this week). I guess I was too late on this one. Hot: Connor Jackson, Chipper Jones, Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez, Magglio OrdoƱez (’bout time!). Not: A.J. Pierzynksi (cooled down), Celte Thomas. Francisco Liriano, Joe Borowski (boo).

Paul: BLOCKBUSTER!!! This past week, Scott (Utley’s Firm Quads) and I completed the first trade of the season. This particular deal saw me shipping away one ace (Jake Peavy) and two closers (Brandon Lyon and Troy Percival) for David Wright and Jim Thome. The deal made sense from both sides as I had a pitching surplus and he had a couple extra bats. But the deal could prove disastrous for me if C.C. Sabathia doesn’t turn things around. I reckon he will, but I’d be lying if I said I was totally confident in that fact. My team was also very fortunate this week in my matchup against Sarah as my ElDuquesInjuryReport defeated the Somerville Green Sox by a convincing 7-4 score, despite the fact that pretty much every category I won was pretty dang close. The win puts me in second place, but I’m still 4.5 games behind current the current first place team, Swamp Dragons (Doug). Moooooovin’ on up! Hot: Kevin Youkilis, Cliff Lee (seriously, these were the only two guys I had who did anything worth mentioning. How did I win?) Cold: Jhonny Peralta, C.C. Sabathia.

Sarah: After a week of intense back-and-forth between Paul and me, I suffered my first loss yet managed to hang on to third place in our league. Once it became clear that Paul’s scorching hot hitters were going to best my slightly depressed squad, I started planning for the future. With Yovani Gallardo coming off the DL for Sunday’s game, I picked up Pedro Martinez, who’d been dropped by Larry on April 5 when it appeared the fragile hurler could be out until the All Star break. But Pedro says he’s feeling good enough to return by the end of the month, so I decided to take a chance. Hot: Russell Martin (finally!), Carlos Guillen, Jacoby Ellsbury (thank you, Coco Crisp, for getting hurt), Yovani Gallardo (7 innings and only 1 run in his first start), Andy Pettitte, Kyle Lohse. Not: Ryan Braun (bangs head on keyboardaqweroiu39;j4oiudvn), James Loney, Rickie Weeks.

2 Responses to “UmpBump’s Week 3 Fantasy Results”

  1. Scott Ball says:

    My team had what I can really only qualify as a terrible week as I managed to narrowly lose, 6-5, to a team that didn’t make any lineup changes all week and hasn’t made a single move this season. I realized pretty quickly after the draft my pitching staff was simply awful, but this week really hammered it home. I used my first nine picks on hitters (C’mon, I couldn’t pass on Jim Thome in the 8th in an TB and OBP league!) and then selected Rich Hill and AJ Burnett, then two closers, and had to leave to catch a flight and allowed Yahoo’s auto-pick to select the rest of my squad. Over the next 8 picks the auto-select proceeded to take 3 backup middle infielders, a backup catcher, and a single closer. Lacking in quality arms,I tried streaming pitchers this week (Hammel, Wellemeyer, Jackson, Blanton, Kennedy) but it got me killed in all the ratios. And I was extremely lucky win the week with 2 saves; that’ll never happen again! It was definitely time for a trade. It was really tough giving up that absolute stud David Wright, but I’m absolutely pumped to have Jake Peavy, and Lyon and Percival bring some badly needed save chances for me. As for this week, though, ugh.
    HOT: Um, Carlos Marmol had 8 Ks and a .75 WHIP, does that count? Joey Votto (although I just picked him up at the end of the week, I’m really pumped to have him. Here’s some advice: if this guy isn’t owned in your league, pick him up now.) COLD: Travis Hafner, AJ Burnett, and Carlos Gomez (keeping me competitive in SB but absolutely killing me in five other categories).

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Jake Peavy was the one pitcher I most wanted to get in our draft. I am jealous, Scott. Jake Peavy is a True Ace.

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