The Week 4 results are in for UmpBump’s head-to-head league. Who’s up, who’s down, who’s in, who’s out.

Sarah: After inflicting a veritable ass-kicking on Alejandro for most of the week, I (again!) suffered a terrible Sunday and had to content myself with a tie. Poop. Now I’ve dropped down to sixth in our 12-person league, my worst showing so far. You know what really grates? If I’d just taken a gamble and played Kyle Lohse yesterday, I would have won. But I benched him, because I was already winning nearly all the pitching categories and I thought he would only screw it up. Of course, Lohse pitched a beaut, but none of it counted for the Somerville Green Sox. Disgusting. Hot: Jacoby Ellsbury, Russell Martin, David Murphy, Yovani Gallardo, Kyle Freakin’ Lohse. Not: Andy Pettitte, Johnny Cueto, Carlos Guillen, Vernon Wells.

Coley: Well, things can’t get much worse. I got handed an 11-1 beatdown this week. And it hurt. A lot. The problem is clearly my offense, which is getting routinely smacked around, especially in RBI and HR. I’m going to have to pull the trigger on a trade, maybe swap some speed for some power, if possible. You know who isn’t helping? Jose Reyes. He was terrible this week. And, frankly, he’s been bad all year. So, is it time to trade him? Or do I ride it out? And for how long? My pitching staff (Aaron Harang, Dice-K, Brett Myers, Jered Weaver and Oliver Perez) wasn’t great this week, either. But I’m not worried about my pitching. That’s a loaded staff. Hot: Brandon Phillips, Josh Hamilton. Not: Jose Reyes, Carlos Pena, Chone Figgins, Brett Myers.

Paul: Cliff. Lee. That is all. (Actually, if I left it at that, Sarah would kill me.) Anyhow, on the heels of yet another improbably brilliant outing by the Cleveland lefty, ElDuquesInjuryReport now stands atop the standings in out humble league. But even more welcome were the two outings by Cleveland’s other lefty, C.C. Sabathia, who appears to have put his terrible start to the year behind him. Offensively, Edwin Encarnacion had a pretty big week (6 runs, 2 HRs, 19TBs and .379 OBP), as did Brian Roberts (6 runs, 2 HRs, 2 SBs, 17 TBs and .407 OBP). The next victim in my Winnebago tour of carnage is Bryan (Pirates in ’08!). Sir, you are about to enter a world of pain. Hot: C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Jhonny Peralta (Indians galore!), Brian Roberts, Edwin Encarnacion. Not: Kevin Youkilis, David Wright, Scott Baker.

Alejandro: After surging last week, my team found itself in the woodshed being taken to school by Green’s Somerville’s Green Sox. For any of you who know a little bit about soccer or hockey, you know a come-from behind tie brings about a good feeling of accomplishment. I have to point out Francisco Liriano, on whom I took a big gamble, along with like 90%+ of Yahoo! fantasy players, lost big time. Needless to say, I dropped him, frankly because I don’t expect to get any results out of him, whereas I could by taking a smaller gamble on someone like the Cardinals’ Todd Wellemeyer, 2-0 , 3.77 era, 31 k , 10bb, 1.13 whip. Hot: Chipper Jones, Hunter Pence, Magglio Ordóñez, Tim Lincecum (stud), Billy Wagner, Josh Becket (13k’s!). Not: Kevin Milwood, Gavin Floyd (don’t give up on him yet!), Francisco Liriano (dropped).

5 Responses to “UmpBump’s Week 4 Fantasy Results”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    I wouldn’t kill you, Paul. I would just…boo.


    Like that.


  2. Team Bipolar

    My offense is ranked dead last in R, HR, RBI, TB, and OBP. I am tied for 3rd from last in SB. Nowhere to go but up right? I realize I have some historically slow starters, but jeez! After the draft I was most worried about my potential SB totals and, actually, I still am. Hopefully, my slumbering bats will turn it on soon, when that happens, look out, because…

    My pitching leads the league in K, ERA, K/BB and is second in W and WHIP. My S totals are middle of the pack. My draft prep focus on SP with good K/BB is paying off. Wish I had another closer though.

    Hot: Shields, E. Santana, Granderson
    Not: Howard, Cano, Zimmerman, Milledge, Hart, Griffey

  3. Scott Ball says:

    Great week for the Firm Quads, who saw solid production up and down the lineup to move into second place with a 11-1 victory. A week after bitching and moaning about how bad my bullpen was, my six active RP combined for 22.1 IP, 1 W, 13 S, 21 K, 1 BB, and 1 ER. I’m not going to figure out that ERA and WHIP, but it’s damn good. Early returns on my blockbuster with Paul (I sent him Wright and Thome for Peavy, Percival, and Lyon) have been decent; Percival and Lyon combined for 8 S, 0 ER, 9 K, and 1 BB this week, though Peavy was mediocre (13 IP, 0 W, 11 K, 4.15 ERA). I think if I met Lance Berkman in person (I own him in three leagues) I would probably consider humping his leg.

    HOT: Berkman, Edinson Volquez, Miguel Tejada, Carlos Quentin (.577 OBP!), my entire bullpen.

    COLD: Travis Hafner (again!), Gary Sheffield (though he is mostly riding my bench).

  4. Sarah Green says:

    You know Scott, at least right now, I’m still kicking myself a little bit for not taking you up on that Tejada/Berkman for Braun deal you offered a while back. Here is a brief snippet from some intra-UmpBump kvetching earlier today:

    Paul: I just wanted to point out that I’m in first in our league and almost dead last in the other.

    Me: Aha! So you’re NOT a god!

    Paul: In my defense, that team has been without Jimmy Rollins for a month thanks to pure idiocy, without Jorge Posada for the better part of two weeks because he’s taking his first trip ever to the DL, without Scott Kazmir all season, and also dealing with the disappearance of Ryan Braun, Robinson Cano, and Adam Dunn.

    Me: Do not speak to me of Ryan Braun. I won’t say he’s dead to me, but I also wouldn’t say he’s alive to me. He is coma to me.

    Paul: Is he still “dreamy”?

    Me: “Dreamy-eyed Ryan Braun” has become
    “trying-to-hit-with-his-eyes-closed Ryan Braun.” Maybe they’re still dreamy, but we’ll never know until he OPENS

  5. Good Lord I suck at fantasy baseball. Was I doing much shit-talking during the draft? Let’s hope not.

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