The week six results for the UmpBump fantasy league are in. Time for quick look at who’s performing and who isn’t!

Sarah: This was a terrible week for the Somerville Green Sox. What sort of terrible? Well, my one save was taken away after the official scorer realized he’d made a mistake, making me the only one in the UmpBump league to finish the week without a single save. And then Vernon Wells, he of the 5 homers and 24 RBI, broke his wrist. That’s the sort of week it was. That said, my team did not play badly (except for a truly abysmal Saturday when they racked up the o-fers like they were on clearance). And in fact, of the 11 other teams in our league, there are only three who would have beaten me this week and only one that would have really kicked my ass. Unfortunately, that’s the team I was playing. After a week of intense back and forth, my men ultimately fell like fall leaves before the one-man onslaught that is Lance Berkman. (Seriously, a .741 OBP for the week? 25 bases? Two homers and two steals? Who can compete with that??) I fell from No. 3 in our league back to the five-slot. I finally admitted that Yovani Gallardo was not coming back this season, that I could never truly trust Kyle Lohse, and that Mark Mulder (still on the DL) was not going to solve my problems. I dropped all of fantasy-3-uggla.jpgthem and picked up Dana Eveland, Hong-Chih Kuo, and Homer Bailey (call him up already!). Hot: Ryan Braun, Ian Kinsler, Andy Pettitte (for now, anyway) Not: Eric Gagne (I’m, like, soooo surprised), Johnny Cueto (tons of K’s, sky-high ERA—why?! WHY?!).

Alejandro: I cannot be stopped. I’m on a roll. Watch out. Actually, I’m not tearing it up exactly, but I did have a convincing 8-3 win over Pirates in ’08!. I won 5 offensive categories and tied in the sixth, and I have to thank my superb GM skills for picking up Dan Uggla on waivers. I could use better pitching, as I only collected 2 wins (though I did rack up 4 saves), so I’m taking a gamble on Vicente Padilla, who’s 5-2 with a 3.02 ERA. I also rid myself of the disaster that is Kevin Millwood. I am now 1 game under .500. Next stop, league leader. Hot: Dan Uggla, Alex Gordon, Carlos Lee, Emil Brown (is he for real?), Josh Beckett, Tim Lincecum (man crush!). Not: Dustin Pedroia (trade anyone?), Fred Lewis (what was I thinking?), Gavin Floyd (but I can’t give up on him yet!), Kevin Milwood (DROPPED).

fantasy-3-church.jpgPaul: So ElDuquesInjuryReport keeps on truckin’. But I can’t seem to shake off Scott’s Utley’s Firm Quads, who’s only two games behind me in the standings. While it’s way too early in the season to be worried about much of anything (except for a Jorge Sosa appearance in a close and late game), I’m already wondering if this is going to be a tight race all year. As far as my roster is concerned, I had two tough decisions to make. With the respective returns of Shane Victorino and Scott Kazmir from the DL, I had to drop a pitcher and a position player. The decision on the pitching front wasn’t so difficult, since it’s becoming more and more apparent that there’s something wrong with Jeremy Bonderman. His strikeouts have plummeted and his walks have skyrocketed. So he’s out. But I spent a good three days mulling over whether or not I should keep Victorino or Ryan Church. Is Church for real? Or is this just a case of a guy who’s playing way over fantasy-3-mota.jpghis head? Ultimately, I decided to just let the historical numbers tell me what to do, and let Church go. He then proceeds to crank out three dingers. And is now on Scott’s team. Awesome. Hot: The Greek God of Walks (5 HRs! 10 RBIs! 30TBs!), Ted Lilly, C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee. Not: Jhonny Peralta, Brian Roberts, Andy Sonnanstine.

Coley: Another week, another loss. At least this one was close. One more run and one more HR and we would have tied. Oh well. The good news is I was able to snag Milton Bradley as a free agent. Anytime you can add a guy with a .424 OBP for free, that’s a good day. I also picked up Guillermo Mota, in the hope that he becomes Milwaukee’s regular closer. After yesterday’s Soloman Torres implosion, I feel good about Mota’s chances. Hot: Josh Hamilton, Scott Rolen, Milton Bradley, Dice-K. Not: Jered Weaver, Brett Myers, Melky Cabrera.

7 Responses to “UmpBump’s Week 6 Fantasy Results”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    You know what’s hysterical to me? People rushing to the computer to pick up Guillermo Mota. Only in fantasy baseball.

  2. If the Playoffs Started Today…

    The Revenge would be in the winner’s bracket thanks to a higher winning percentage than the oldman in the most recent week. A 10-2 win over the my balls sends a message to the league leaders. Can you feel the footsteps? The Revenge are dead last in four of six offensive categories, and not much better in the other two. However, with Cano, Zimmerman, Howard, and Ortiz finally showing signs of breaking out of their slumps, the offense is poised to do some serious damage. Added Votto after the 3 HR performance, hopefully he’ll stay hot. Pitching continues to be the strong point as we are ranked first or second in every pitching category besides saves. How about James Shields? Complete game 1 hitter, 8 K and zero walks. Nice rebound from the 7 ER given up last time out.

    Hot: Zimmerman, Ortiz, Shields, Betancourt
    Not: Granderson, Hart, Sanchez (dropped)

  3. BravesFan says:

    Gotta give us the standings! Who is winning?

  4. Sarah Green says:

    I see the Pedroia trade didn’t take long to complete! Congratulations, Ania, on your new gamer! And congrats to Alejandro on snagging Jermaine Dye…if that’s what you’re into….

  5. Scott Ball says:

    For the third straight week the mighty Quads thumped another opponent, this time Sarah’s Somerville Green Sox, and this time by a score of 8-2. I am seriously considering re-naming my team after Lance Berkman after he went on a stretch last week with 19 hits in 25 at-bats. According to Yahoo Sports, guess how many times a player has done that in the past 50 years… once! (Albert Pujols in 2003.) And Berkman threw in six walks and a pair of steals to boot. Wow… I think Utley’s Firm Quads may become Berkman’s Love Handles soon if this continues. I did have one small twinge of regret when I dropped Joey Votto early Wednesday morning only to see him explode for 3 HR a few hours later… but at least those stats still counted for me. After Paul dropped Ryan Church (see above), he posted a message asking if he made the right decision… I quickly replied he did, that Church sucked, and then promptly put in a waiver claim. Score! Paul, you aren’t losing me anytime soon… although we may be pulling away from the pack (Me: 2 GB, Doug: 7.5 GB, Bryan and Sarah, 11 GB).

    HOT: Berkman, Ichiro (4 SB this week, 8 in his last 11 games), Carlos Quentin, Edinson Volquez’s strikeouts (10) and ERA (0.00).
    NOT: Derek Lowe, Jon Lester (don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Jon!), Edinson Volquez’s WHIP (1.43) and K/BB (1.67).

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Okay okay, here are the standings, with games behind:

    1. Paul (ElDuquesInjuryReport) (0)
    2. Scott (Utley’s Firm Quads) (2)
    3. Doug (Swamp Dragons) (7.5)
    4. Bryan(Pirates in 08!) (11)
    5. Sarah (Somerville Green Sox) (11)
    6. Kirk (Montefusco’s Revenge) (12)
    7. Larry(Croutchyoldman) (12)
    8. Alejandro (Center Field Stud) (12.5)
    9. Ania (Box89RowKKSeat14) (17.5)
    10. Caitlin (Caitlin Grace) (19)
    11. Sooze (Freebase My Balls) (19)
    12. Coley (Crunkball All Stars) (20.5)

  7. With only one player on the DL (and Lackey’s finally due back later this week!), things are starting to turn around for the heretofore hapless and healthless Box89RowKKSeat14s. No longer in last place, I’m now in…fourth to last! (I joyfully mentioned this to a friend, who blinked at me and said, “You mean you’re in ninth?” They don’t get it. They don’t even know!)

    Anyway, narrative of the hot-or-not: Mikey Lowell is making up for lost time, with two home runs and seven ribbies. Jimmy Rollins is easing in a bit more slowly, but I have faith that he’ll bring some speed back to my lineup. Placido Polanco’s been back for a while, but he’s been on fire this week with a .474 OBP. And while Papelbon had a few rough outings, Fausto Carmona has been more than making up for it.

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