Did he just do that?!?

Yes, he did!!!!!

It’s been a morning of giggles this morning here at UmpBump HQ as we try to digest Manny Ramirez’s ridiculous, hilarious, awesome double play from yesterday’s game. The best part may actually be when Manny’s teammates gather ’round to watch the replay in the dugout, and Manny then performs a live reenactment of the now-famous high-five.

As Nick likes to say, Manny plays the game like a giddy five-year old. (Or sometimes an angry five-year old, such as a few innings after yesterday’s catch when he angrily tossed his helmet at the first base umpire, dreadlocks flying in rage.) And clearly, Manny’s defense is potent stuff, because the baseball blogosphere is delightfully tipsy from contact with it this morning. Soxaholix reminds us that even when the team is on a four-game skid, “the glass is half Manny.” Gowanus Rotisserie breaks the play down into “the five stages of being awesome” (hat tip to The Joy of Sox for the link, who in turn called it the “ultimate Manny moment”). Sox and Dawgs has your top ten Manny moments and Babes Love Baseball calls it “Manny being Manny being Awesome.” Manny has often talked of his dream of winning what he sometimes calls the “Silver Glove.” He’s not shy about claiming he’s the best LF Boston has ever had, a claim Surviving Grady suggests he might want to consider retracting considering that Jim Rice is still a very, very large man.

But the most apt turn-of-phrase may be found in this article by Josh Alper for the FanHouse, presciently written earlier this week:

If the Gold Glove was an award for sheer entertainment value, Manny would have a dozen of them by now. Alas, the awards are supposed to be for fielding excellence. I know, I know, Rafael Palmeiro and Derek Jeter have won them but two wrongs do not make a winning argument for Manny.

They should come up with some kind of award for that throw he cut off in the outfield, though. After 100 years it’s tough to do something in baseball that no one has ever seen, or even conceived, before.

“Something in baseball that no one has ever seen, or even conceived, before.” Yes, this is the only proper way to describe the contributions Manuel Aristides Ramirez makes to these Red Sox of Boston. Manny, may the Monster rise up to meet you, the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may soft rains fall when you want an off-day, and until you are ready to retire, may Theo always pick up your option.

7 Responses to “The Joy of Manny!”

  1. Definitely in need of an asterisk.

  2. Lyndsay says:

    he’s SPIDERMAN! that clip definitely needs the Spidey song…

    if that clip can even work (Sarah – it appears as a big empty box right now)

    unless Grady Sizemore catapults himself over the wall, sits and has a sandwich with a fan, and returns the ball for a triple play, I think that should get play of the year – ya hear that, ESPN?

  3. Sarah Green says:

    A big thanks to our HTML hero, Alejandro, for fixing the video! Who is that masked man?! When there’s trouble you call DW!

    (Or in this case, I guess you email Alejandro. But you know what I meant.)

  4. Lyndsay says:

    also, Sarah, we know you don’t think God’s involved in anything but extra bases, but what’s your stance on God being involved in spectacular outfield catches/impossible double plays? that play could have been called Manny Being both Human and Divine.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    I would also like to give some love to Ian at Sox and Dawgs for posting the video, and to Red at Surviving Grady, which is actually where we got the code. Thank you, gentlemen, for services above and beyond the call of fandom!

    I would go back into the post and put my love there, but I am too afraid of screwing up Alejandro’s back-end handiwork.

    Um, oops. That sounds dirty.

  6. Lyndsay says:

    nah, it’s only dirty if Jacoby Ellsbury is somehow involved.

  7. Lyndsay says:

    I would like to see Derek Jeter do that. are you listening, Hank??

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