It’s true that Mr. Met kind of looks like a walking bobblehead doll. All mascots do to some extent but he, along with the Braves’ Homer, bear the closest resemblance to our favorite desk and dashboard ornament.

This fact does not, apparently, give you the right to treat Mr. Met as such.

A few days ago, not only did 32-year old Met fan and all-round-swell-guy Christian Hansen allegedly* push small children out of his way to greet the large-headed wonder (by the way, who’d win in a big-head fight: Mr. Met or Giada De Laurentiis?), but Hansen supposedly roughhoused the New York mascot. And when approached by stadium security, Hansen allegedly swung his fist and missed like he was James Shields, but managed to spit in the guy’s face instead.

Who would do such a thing? Doesn’t this man know that Mr. Met has a family to take care of?

*And by “allegedly”, I mean, he probably did it.

3 Responses to “Releasing Your Inner Child Has Its Ups And Downs”

  1. Lyndsay says:

    when I was a mall mascot playing a Nickelodeon character a few years ago and making a weekly appearance, the same parentless brat would always appear just to punch me really hard, over and over. and of course I was “in character”, so I couldnt speak or react, all I could do was shake my wag my plastic finger and shake my inflated head at him, “no no no-o!” the owl mascot who was coming out after me for her gig was actually attacked by either a very overgrown child or an overzealous adult one day, and all the security guards came running. it was a scary moment in my mascot life. please remember folks, mascots are people just like you – we are just willing to don inflatable heads for extra cash.

  2. Paul Moro says:

    Lyndsay, I have so many questions and don’t know where to start. I’m flabbergasted. My flubber is totally gasted.

  3. ask away and I will try my best to answer.

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