Nick: Wow, shoving front office types to the ground appears to be becoming quite popular!

Paul: wasn’t george costanza the yankees’ traveling secretary? or was he the assistant to the traveling secretary?

Coley: I’m pretty sure he was the assistant to the traveling secretary. Though this latest Manny being Manny incident does seem like it was ripped from a Seinfeld episode.

Sarah: Manny certainly has a much hotter temper this year.

Paul: is it wrong for me to say that i hope he and shields go alien vs. predator on each other tonight?

Coley: if hoping that Manny and Shields come to blows is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Sarah: It’s times like this when I really do miss having Pedro and Trot Nixon on the team.

Paul: well, the mets currently have both. and i kind of wish we didn’t.

Sarah: Oh, yeah. That’s weird. Well, they make a great duo. Pedro will throw at some guy’s head, the guy will charge the mound, and Nixon will sprint all the way in from right field, get there before anyone else does (seriously, he DOES have wheels, but only in fights), and flatten the enraged batter with one punch. Ahhhh, those were the days.

32 Responses to “Talking about Manny’s rage”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Oh, and roger that on Beowulf-dude playing Timlin and Owen Wilson making a cameo as Millar (they could squeeze it in, somehow).

    I’m still not satisfied with our ‘Tek possibilities. More thought will be required.

  2. Pedroia: Sean Astin. In hobbit gear. No contest.

    Clooney is important, so I’m glad we’ve got him.

    Having trouble with Tek. Need someone who’s hairy and willing to get dirty and has great personal integrity to boot.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Yes, and someone who has a sort of cuddly, grizzly bear side, too. Someone who can bring the appropriate depth and versatility to the role.

    Oh my God. I’VE GOT IT.

    Wait for it…..wait… it is:

    Russell Crowe.


  4. John C. Reilly

  5. Yes: Russell Crowe. PERFECT. Wow, I think he actually is more like Varitek than Tek is himself. Creepy.

    John C. Reilly? Really? What?

  6. I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagle\’s wings, and singin\’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I\’m in the front row and I\’m hammered drunk!

  7. Sorry…getting off topic there.

    Yeah Mr. Crowe would work.

  8. melissa says:

    Ben Kingsley is Terry Francona.
    Michael Clarke Duncan as Papi.
    Tobey Maguire as Lester.
    Emile Hirsch as Ellsbury.
    I like Michael Madsen as Varitek.

  9. Coley Ward says:

    Lyndsay, when you say you think Casey Affleck could “pull off” the Theo Epstein role, you mean he’d be willing to get a haircut?

  10. Lyndsay says:

    oooo Ben Kingsley = good call!

    Emile Hirsch? sorry, not Navajo enough. I think Jay Hernandez is a good “can play any ethnicity” actor, like Lou Diamond Phillips – they’ve got all your Latino/Native American bases covered.

    I’m sorry to say but…we might have to go with bearded Ben Affleck for the Varitek role (I’ll duck as you all throw tomatoes at me).

    can Sean Astin capable of cursing like Pedroia? I don’t know about that one.

    its too bad this movie couldnt have more Giambi…that role was WRITTEN for Robert Iler.

    oh and since you mentioned Piazza’s retirement…he can only be played by Peter Dinklage. he also has a Placido Polanco midget head on little body thing going on.

    <img src=”

  11. Hey Sarah — I’m in NYC and I’m a huge Mets fan… found your site through someone’s link and I have to tell you I love your telling of it! My son and I were watching on TV, and I was crying when it happened… because I was so happy for him and for all you Red Sox fans, but also probably a little bit because it will never, ever happen at Shea ;-)

    Seriously, though, please know that you do have supporters here in New York — we’re not all asshole Yankee fans — and WE were happy for you guys!

  12. Lyndsay says:

    I got a little prematurely excited when NESN showed Don Zimmer at the game last night. I was hoping someone on the sox would grab him by the head and try and bowl him, just for old times sake.

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