The discussion going on in Coley’s post regarding designated hitters got me curious –

Designated hitters aren\'t baseball players. They\'re soul-less robots.Does the American League really have an advantage during interleague and World Series games because of the DH? And if so, by how much?

So I was trying to figure this out by examining who would have been that ninth hitter had each National League team made the World Series in 2007. Then I would take those 16 players and match them up against the DHs of the American League and see how large the difference would be. Problem is, even after a good deal of time spent on the issue, I just couldn’t figure some of these “ninth hitters” out.

Take Cincinnati for example. Would they have DHed Adam Dunn? Who would have played left in his stead? Norris Hopper? Would Jerry Narron have trusted Joey Votto in a World Series game? Would they have DHed Griffey to keep him fresh? Would Ryan Freel have started at third while Edwin Encarnacion DHed? The possibilities were just too much.

Consequently, I’m asking for your help.

If your favorite team had made the World Series in 2007, who would have DHed? And if this guy was a regular starter in non-DH games (like Adam Dunn), who would have replaced him in the lineup?

But there are some rules here so it’s not a free-for-all:

  1. This is for the World Series – the end of the season – not interleague, where another 1/2 season remains afterwards.
  2. Even if this player was on your team’s roster at the beginning of the year, if he was traded/released/optioned before the post-season, then he’s not eligible. For example, Mark Sweeney can’t be the answer for San Francisco since as of 10/1/07, he was a Dodger. I have to do this or else two teams may claim the same “ninth batter”. Which would just be carayzee.
  3. Despite rule #2, I’m counting injured players as eligible. Some guys whose teams aren’t in the playoff hunt shut down their seasons in September. I didn’t want to lose these guys in the exercise.
  4. (ADDED) I had three rules, now I’m at four. This isn’t for the 2008 season. It’s for 2007. I’m doing this because I wanted the bigger sample size.

So let me know in the comments! I promise to take all of this information soon and write something up showing the results as well as the AL vs. NL comparison.

Thanks guys and gals!

10 Responses to “UmpBump Readers, I Need Your Help: Who would DH for your team?”

  1. Lyndsay says:

    oh man, even the horrid bleached look will not distract me from thinking it’s a midget head on a regular sized body. I think something went horribly wrong when he was coming out of the birth canal.

  2. Coley Ward says:

    If the Phillies had made the World Series, they would most likely have used Wes Helms at DH.

  3. Paul Moro says:

    Really, Coley? Would have figured they’d DH Burrell and played Werth.

  4. Giants would’ve used Bonds – undoubtedly. With Fred Lewis in left.

  5. melissa says:

    07 Cubs would have probably put Cliff Floyd at DH with Matt Murton in right. No wonder they lost to Arizona in the playoffs.

  6. The Mets would probably DH Moises Alou and put Lastings Milledge in left field. Although DH’ing Carlos Delgado, moving Shawn Green to first base, and playing Lastings Milledge in right field would be possible.

  7. Paul, Burrell might not be fast, but he’s got a really good arm. So I think the Phillies don’t actually consider him a defensive liability. This season, in interleague play, I haven’t seen them use Burrell at DH. So I don’t have any reason to suspect they would have last year. Maybe they would have gone with Werth over Helms at DH, but it’s really hard to say.

  8. The Dodgers may have gone with Delwyn Young, and saved Mark Sweeney for pinch-hitting duties.

  9. Since no one did the Diamondbacks, Micah Owings. Makes more sense in the World Series than interleague, the injury argument has less weight. Just have to set it up so he pitches at home.

  10. Shea McMurray says:

    Cubs would have been Floyd/Ward, depending on who was hot/healthy

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