At 5pm today, voting closes for each league’s 25th All-Star over at As of this writing, Evan Longoria leads the AL voting, which is fine by me although Giambi’s another worthy choice. But I do have a problem with Corey Hart being the top vote-getter for the National League. The man’s a fine player, to be sure, and I’m glad to see he’s getting some recognition. But he simply hasn’t been as good as 3 of the other eligible candidates, David Wright, Carlos Lee, and Pat Burrell (Why is Aaron Rowand eligible? Can someone please explain this to me?).

However, in my mind, there is one clear choice. And as a Mets fan, I obviously have to vote for… Pat Burrell.

Whoa. Did I just write that? Hold on. Let me try this again. <ahem> I think we should all head over to right now before 5pm and vote for… Pat Burrell.

Dagnabit! There it is again. Why can’t I just write David Wright? D-A-V-I-D W-R-I-G-H-T. He’s clearly a deserving All-Star. And I can’t vote for Pat Burrell!!! He’s a Phillie! I think I’ve been possessed. Excuse me while I undergo an exorcism:

FATHER DAMIEN KARRAS: Remember Paul. You’re a Met fan. And a fan stands by his team.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: But Burrell’s been better.

FATHER KARRAS: Lies! Such Lies! Wright has a better batting average!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: By three measly points. Totally inconsequential.

FATHER KARRAS: Look at the RBIs, Paul! The RBIs! Wright has 16 more!

THE P.O.D.: Only because Wright has had 213 plate appearances with runners on base. Burrell has only had 145 and has performed much better in those situations than Wright.



FATHER KARRAS: But what about defense! Ah-Ha! David plays third base – a far more demanding and important position than left field and does so admirably!

THE MAN WHO OWNS RYAN SEACREST’S SOUL: That may be true. But Burrell’s .414 OBP and .587 slugging percentage is more helpful to his team than Wright is with his .381/.504. Glove or no glove.

FATHER KARRAS: But Philly’s a hitter’s park while Shea is a pitcher’s paradise!

DAVE GROHL: Still doesn’t account for that much a disparity. OPS-Plus, which is park-adjusted, has Burrell miles ahead of Wright, 157 to 136. It’s no contest. And Burrell also has Wright beat in Win Shares.

FATHER KARRAS: Why do you speak in such evil tongues? Paul, remember you are a Met fan! A MET FAN! HE’S A PHILLIE!!!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Sorry Padre. But the man’s mind is made up. It’s Burrell.



So, yeah. Go vote for Pat the Bat. He deserves it.

13 Responses to “The 25th All-Star Player: The Battle of the Soul”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Bwaaaaahahahaha. Excellent post, Paul! Though there must be NO VOTING for Jason “Dirt Squirrel” Giambi. Nothing against Evan “Not Eva” Longoria, but I feel the only legit choice in the AL is Jermaine Dye.

  2. Nice post – they actually have 3 people at Citizen’s Bank Park who have been voting for Pat steadily for 4 days straight – and somehow Hart is still winning.

    Is there some kind of 2 for 1 sale of brats if you vote for Hart?

  3. Lyndsay says:

    so wait, Burrell DIDN’T get on the all-star team? that’s just bush league. you know I’m an RS fan but I still think it’s ridiculous how lopsided the teams are. Kinsler, Grudzielenek, Quentin, were all worthy. and Uggla! how did Uggla not make it?!?

    Jason Giambi deserves nothing good in life. that mustache of his is all black magic I tell you.

  4. Lyndsay says:

    f–k Eva Longoria. I would like to see her steal home from 2nd on a wild pitch.

  5. Paul Moro says:

    Lyndsay, Uggla, Quentin and Kinsler all made the team as reserves.

  6. Lyndsay says:

    I know that. I’m saying they should have been starters.

  7. Paul Moro says:

    Gotcha. I think Uggla would have gotten more consideration from us had he not been injured. As for the fan voting, well, Florida has like thirteen fans. And Utley’s done better in the counting stats.

  8. melissa says:

    It’s not that Hart and Longoria are undeserving but Dye and Burrell seem more deserving. Unfortunately the players put guys like Crede and Varitek on the team that really don’t deserve it this year. Yeah, I will also admit that the fan votes for Soriano and Fukudome aren’t the best selections either. This is totally unrelated to anything but isn’t Phillies the plural of Philly not Phillie?

  9. It’s over – Corey wins. There is a good article in the nytimes which discusses the dudes who hung out all day and night at CBP to vote for Pat:

    Pat will have some quality time with his 2 bulldogs during the break.

  10. Paul Moro says:

    Well, there’s still a chance that Burrell gets in since Soriano’s not going to be playing.

  11. Burrell better get in. He certainly deserves it. Also, does anyone else find it kind of sad that the NL’s home run and rbi leader won’t be playing? I mean, I know Ryan Howard’s batting average is terrible and he strikes out way too much, but come on. He’s on pace for 160 rbi. Yes, I know that rbis are largely dependent on the guys who are hitting in front of you. But still, 160? That’s insane. You don’t luck into 160 rbi.

  12. Howard should be there, but he is the victim of his high K rate and low average. He made his case yesterday – by single handedly winning the game yesterday (Moyer didn’t hurt either).

    Howard and Burrell – are players I really like, but they aren’t even fully appreciated in Philly – if the local press and talk radio shows are any indication. Just my two cents.

  13. Paul Moro says:

    Coley, when you’re a first baseman and your Adjusted OPS is 113, you shouldn’t be in the All-Star game. It’s true that his “clutch” stats have been really good, accounting for all those RBIs. But that’s about the only thing the guy’s got going for him this year. When you play first base in a bandbox like Philly, your OBP had better be higher than .325. But I’m pretty sure his batting average isn’t going to stay that low all-season which will obviously raise his OBP.

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