Ed Wade It’s intervention time, people.

Astros GM Ed Wade is reportedly in talks to trade for Padres starting pitcher Randy Wolf . This is the act of a desperate man. He needs our help.

The problem is…well, there are lots of problems. But first and foremost, Wolf isn’t that good. He’s been added and dropped by every fantasy manager in America this season, because he strikes guys out (108 K’s) but he also get’s knocked around (4.74 ERA).

The Astros are currently in fifth place, 12 games out of first. They’ve given up 55 more runs than they’ve scored this season.

And yet Wade wants to trade for a starting pitcher – and a mediocre starting pitcher at that. Because, in his mind, the Astros are still right in the thick of it.

I’m not sure if this is a lingering effect from getting body slammed by Shawn Chacon, or what, but Wade needs some tough love. The Astros are not going to win the NL Central. The Cubs (who have scored 109 runs more than they’ve given up) are way too hot and way too stacked. Ditto the Brewers and the Cardinals (who both have a run differencial of +30). Even the Reds have a better shot at walking away with the division. Yet you don’t see the Reds trading away prospects for middle of the road starting pitchers.

Randy Wolf And let’s not forget that Chicago recently traded for Rich Harden, who is about as dominant as they come (when healthy). The Brewers just added CC Sabathia (who you might remember from last season’s Cy Young Award ceremony). But that’s no big deal, because the Astros are about to add Randy Wolf!

I know Wade has never been the world’s savviest front office guy. But this is crazy even by his standards. Is it possible Wade was given a "win now or else" directive at the beginning of this season? That would explain a lot.

But directive or no directive, Wade needs to know that this season is lost and that the Astros simply don’t have the talent to be competitive anytime soon. Houston needs to rebuild and they need to start now, by trading guys like … well, everybody not named Hunter Pence. Jose Valverde should be the first to go, followed shortly thereafter by Miggy Tejada.

Why can’t you see what is so obvious that even the Reds can see it, Ed? Why can’t you accept that this Astros team simply isn’t very good? What is it going to take for you to throw in the towel?

Ed, we’re your friends and we care about you. And we’re worried.

10 Responses to “Tough love for Ed Wade”

  1. Alejandro Leal says:

    hehe, what’d you expect?

    “You can puuutt it on the boooarddd???!!!”


  2. Eric Syversen says:

    Did you expect him to jump out of his seat and utter out a completely random phrase like the Pittsburgh Penguins announcer?????

  3. Danny O says:

    That’s pretty bad. WGN and Sunday Night on ESPN makes me realize how fortunate I am to be a listener/viewer of Braves broadcasts.

  4. I think we’re seeing Astros owner Drayton McLane assert himself once again. He was content to let Wade clean house a little and bring in some guys at the beginning of the season, but now he’s chomping at the bit to go out and do something stupid just for the sake of doing something.

    I don’t expect Houston to make any real progress while McLane remains the owner, regardless of who the GM is.

  5. Coley Ward says:

    I think it’s possible McLane had a hand in earlier transactions as well. Though maybe that’s giving Wade too much credit.

  6. Paul Moro says:

    Personally, the idea of “owners forcing the hand of GMs to make stupid moves” is a new area for me. I know it’s probably been an issue since the advent of the current baseball organizational structure, but it’s a topic that I admittedly haven’t given enough consideration to when evaluating GMs. Take Bill Bavasi. I’ve criticized him on many occasions, but only after he was fired did I learn that ownership forced him to make certain moves (i.e. the Johjima extension).

    Then again, part of being a good GM, I suppose, is the ability to navigate these waters. But some GMs really have a disadvantage as a result of this.

  7. First of all, they hardly gave up a prospect. Secondly, Wolf will probably wind-up as a type B FA and net the Astros the compensation pick. Thus this move becomes giving up and low ceiling AAAA guy, for a thrird round compensation pick. Not to shabby. It also adds someone to eat innings and help the bull pen from losing every single arm due to overuse.

  8. Paul Moro says:

    Stephen, the compensation pick will only happen if the Astros offer him arbitration and he declines. If the Stros’ are afraid he says “yes”, then they won’t offer him arbitration, and no compensation pick.

  9. Nick Kapur says:

    I don’t see why Drayton McLane would just so happen to order Ed Wade to get Randy Wolf, who just so happens to be an ex-Phillie. Nay, this smacks of rampant Ed-Wadism, as he continues his mad quest to collect all the ex-Phillies who were developed while he was Philadelphia’s GM.

  10. I think the ‘Stros will offer him arb, because they really have no options, and he’s expressed an vested interest in staying on the West Coast so he’s likely to walk. Having stated that deal isn’t all that bad because of the compensation pick, I’m backing off that certainty, given that Wolf is on the edge of the Type-B player as is. So it’s a gamble, and probably not a very wise one. At least the bullpen may get some rest — especially Wesley Wright.

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