The Apple Store Genius Bar saved my Mac today, and to celebrate I’m live-blogging the Phillies-Dodgers game. It’s Kendrick v. Lowe. It’s ESPN2. It’s baseball in August, and I’m stoked.

10:13: I just got to the Trident Bar and Grill, and I missed the first two batters.

10:14: Chutley hits a double to left. The scouts are speculating that Utley has been playing hurt, and that accounts for his recent lack of power. You certainly don’t hear Chase’s name in the MVP talk as much as you used to.

10:15: Ryan Howard ground out weakly to first, ending the inning. That’s out of character for Howard. Usually he’d strikeout in that situation.

10:19: Matt Kemp leads off the bottom of the first with a shot to center, but Shane “The Flying Hawaiian” Vicotorino jumps up and graps it. He really didn’t need to jump. And his smile tells you he knows it.

10:22: Now there are two down and Manny comes to the plate. They just flashed Ned Coletti on the screen. I’d never seen him before. He looks like Dennis Farina from Law and Order, minus the tan.

10:24: Manny gets jammed, and pops up weakly to second. Justice.

10:31: Sarah emails umpbump staff:

sox are up 2-1 against the other sox. jacoby ellsbury on first, no outs. terry francona calls for crisp to lay down a bunt to move ellsbury to second.

tell me why, why you wouldn’t just have jacoby steal?! he’s one of the fastest players in the league!! why waste an out that way?!?!!! uuuugh.

Why, indeed.

10:31: Mozzarella sticks arrive.

10:37: James Loney hits a single to left. Then Kyle Kendrick is charged with his first career balk. Kendrick is the Mitch Williams of starting pitchers, minus the mullet. He absolutely insists on making things interesting.

10:45: Loney tags and advances to third on a fly ball to right. Jayson Werth could have had him with a better throw, but he didn’t have time to set his feet, so we’ll cut him some slack.

10:47: Angel Berroa gets jammed and pops up to Jimmy Rollins at short. Kendrick looked sharp after the balk. He’s doing a great job of pitching inside to hitters. His tailing fastball is really moving tonight.

10:53: Jimmy Rollins hits a line drive off of Lowe’s heel. It bounces to Berroa, who turns and fires and gets Rollins by two feet at first. Jimmy slams his helmet. If that’s how it’s gonna be tonight, it’s gonna be a long night for the Phils (and for Lowe’s feet).

10:57: Lowe hits a ground ball up the middle, but Rollins makes a nice play and throws him out. Turnabout is fair play, bitch!

10:58: Matt Kemp hits a rocket that takes a nasty hop and almost kills Rollins, who gets a piece of it but can’t make the play. It’ll be ruled a hit, for sure. Poor Jimmy. He’s having a rough night.

11:03: Kemp steals second, Kendrick walks Ethier and then he hits Kemp. Now Manny strolls to the plate with the bases loaded and one out.

11:05: Manny hits a double, driving in two runs. He’s so hot right now. Sarah and I have a gchat:

me: he’s obviously on a mission now

Sarah: yeah
a mission to hurt me

11:08: Loney drives one to right-center, scoring two more. Kendrick looks lost.

11:11: Martin singles to right, Werth comes up firing and guns out Loney at the plate!!!

11:13: Blake hits a home run. The Dodgers are now up 6-0. I thought this might be a good game. I was wrong.

11:14: Victorino makes a tumbling catch on a Berroa fly ball. If not for two excellent defensive plays, the Dodgers would still be batting with only one out.

11:17: Victorino singles and Utley doubles. ESPN shows Utley’s swing in super high def slo-mo and it brings a tear to my eye. So beautiful.

11:19: Howard grounds out, Dodgers concede the run. Then Burrell grounds out. Two outs, runner on third. Werth at the plate. Meanwhile, ESPN is showing old video of “Manny being Manny” moments. What an idiot. Seriously, that guy is one hard sneeze away from a coma.

11:21: Werth strikes out. That’s just Werth being Werth.

11:24: ESPN is showing highlights from the third inning –  all the great defensive plays the Phillies made (in between all the runs the Dodgers were scoring). John Miller says if not for those awesome plays, Kendrick might never have gotten off the mound. Thanks, John. I pointed that out ten minutes ago. Where were you?

11:26: If you’re a Phillies fan looking for a silver lining, at least the Mets and Marlins both lost tonight.

11:27: I’m bored with this game. Let’s talk about the Rays. Crawford is already on the DL. Today, they lost Longoria, who broke his wrist. I think they should sign Bonds. So does Nick.

me: time to sign Bonds! Nick: I really want both the yankees and red sox to lose
they should!
me: but they won’t
Nick: well, as far as I know, they are the only team who ever actually even considered it
me: and the Tigers said they would sign him, if they didn’t already have Sheff.
11:31: The Dodgers just keep piling it on. Single by Kemp. Ethier walks. Kent singles. Now it’s 7-1. The Phillies are just leaving Kendrick in there to save the bullpen.

10:33: Manny is up again. It’s amazing how dirty he’s managed to get his helmet in only a few games with the Dodgers. Seriously, he’s got about three months worth of pine tar on that thing. Oh, and he walks to load the bases. On four pitches. Two of them bounced in the dirt. Kendrick has totally lost it.

11:34: Kendrick is out. The Phillies are bringing in a guy I’ve never heard of. It’s Les Walrond, a 31-year-old rookie. His ESPN profile picture shows him wearing a Cubs hat. I’m going to make it my life’s work to find out something interesting about this guy.

11:41: Ok, so Walrund is technically a rookie, but he’s pitched in the majors before. Just not a lot. He pitched in 17.3 innings in 2006 with the Cubs, and in 8 innings in 2003 with the Royals. So far this season, in 1.7 IP, he’s got an ERA of 16.20. But you know what? He just struck out back-to-back batters to end the inning. Time to sign this guy long term!

11:48: More Walrund news, from Wikipedia:

During his freshman and sophomore years in high school, Les played baseball at Booker T. Washington High School (Tulsa, Oklahoma) under the tutelage of Coach Corey Slagle. With Les anchoring the baseball team, Booker T. experienced an athletic renaissance that included New York Giants defensive back R.W. McQuarters and Washington Wizards center Etan Thomas. Les graduated from Union High School (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and attended the University of Kansas.

11:57: Pat Sajak sighting!!!!

11:58: It’s the sixth inning. Only six more outs before Dodgers fans can head for the exits. I think I might follow them. This is depressing.

12:01: Rollins singles. Victorino walks. Utley hits a grounder to second and Kemp makes a fine diving stop and throws him out. Runners advance. Then Howard collects his second ground-ball-out RBI of the night. 7-2.

12:03: Burrell grounds to short to end the inning. And that’s it. I can’t take this any more. Plus my PBR is empty and I’d rather go drink homebrew on my couch. You’ve been a great audience. And don’t sweat it Philadelphia fans, we’ll get ’em tomorrow night. Go Phils!

6 Responses to “Live Blog: Phillies vs. Dodgers”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    Looking at the Sajak photo reminds me. Why is it that I’ve never seen a first pitch thrown in a game by someone who can actually throw? I always find it amazing when I realize that the ability to throw a baseball sixty-feet-six-inches is apparently a rare skill. This just should not be the case.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    “Nick: I really want both the yankees and red sox to lose”

    NICK. I thought you were my FRIEND. Now I find out that you are hating on my team behind my very BACK.

    No, don’t say anything. There’s nothing you can say. You broke us, Nick. YOU BROKE US.

  3. Sarah, I think everyone who doesn’t live in Boston or New York is rooting for the Rays. They have been so bad for so long. It’s almost impossible not to root for them. On the other hand, their farm system is so stacked that it’s likely that in ten years we’ll be rooting for somebody – anybody – other than the Rays to win, because they’ve been in first place for so long.

  4. mhcranberry says:

    You know, I’m a Sox fan– Sarah will vouch for me– but at the same time, if the Rays win… yeah, it will suck, but I am really happy for them and it’s been fun to watch. They’ve really been awful, and this kind of story is always nice.

    This year. Next year I don’t know about.

    And I’d still prefer the Sox, obviously.

  5. Coley Ward says:

    Sarah, do you vouch for this guy?

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, she’s a woman, you macho pig. And yes, I vouch.

    Look, I won’t be upset if the Rays win. I’d be really excited for them.

    BUT I would NEVER say—nor would expect our friend Mr. Kapur to say—that “I really want…the Red Sox to lose.”

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