Ouchie my arm! (?)

Ouchie my arm! (?)

Over the weekend, Ken Rosenthal theorized that the Brewers’ decision to start CC on short rest would hurt him right as he hit the open market. In that outing, Sabathia pitched 5 and two-thirds innings and was charged with the loss. Despite getting tagged for only 1 earned run, Sabathia nonetheless began the bottom of the sixth by giving up a single and a walk, followed by an error, followed by two outs, followed by consecutive pinch-hit singles that scored a total of three runs. Final score: 4-3, Reds.

Today, we received news that temporary-Ned Yost-replacement Dale Sveum planned to pitch CC on short rest again, tomorrow, and could start him again on Sunday. “We’ll just wing the rest of it,” the interim manager said. Well, that’s comforting. Especially, I’m sure, to CC Sabathia’s tired wings.

Last year, Sabathia pitched a career-high 241regular-season innings. His previous career high had been 210 innings, back in 2002, and he hadn’t cracked the 200 mark since. We all saw what happened in the playoffs.

This year, Sabathia is already up to 237 innings. He’s a free agent at the end of the season, and despite the fervent hopes (nay, expectations) of Yankee fans, and despite the fat offer Steinbrenner is sure to offer him, he’s been less than stoked about playing in New York. So speculation about where the hefty lefty might end up has been rife. But it might be a good thing that money isn’t CC’s only object, because another late-season meltdown now could affect his future paycheck. Nonetheless, his agent isn’t worried, and CC, of course, says he wants the ball.

So who’s right? The Brewers, who want their mid-season prize to throw until his arm falls off, or the worriers, who fret that the 290-pound ace is too delicate for that?

9 Responses to “Will the Brew Crew Screw CC?”

  1. At this point the Brewers have no choice but to throw him out there and hope for the best. Until tonight he hadn’t won since August 31, when he went 9 innings in a 7-0 win. In a game prior to that he went the full 9 in a 9-2 win. It made no sense for the Brewers to put extra stress on his arm in games they had in hand. So, not only could it be bad on CC long term but it might have cost the Brewers games down the stretch.

  2. I don’t worry about CC’s next contract as much as I worry about the wear and tear on his arm. I think he’ll get paid, but I’m not sure he’s going to stay off the DL.

  3. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with this move. CC wants the ball because he wants to go to the playoffs, and the Brewers have no reason not to give it to him since he’s not their problem after this season. Sometimes you have to ride your horse if you are going to make the playoffs, and I love it when people break established “rules” and give it their all to try to win.

  4. Anyone remember how after throwing 240 innings last year CC was pretty much a train wreck in the postseason? Well he’s over last years innings and number of pitches and probably will have to start in another game to get to the playoffs… just sayin.

  5. I’m not sure if it’s ethical to do this to a guy. But the Brewers would still be stupid not to put CC out there. Even if they reach the postseason and he breaks down, they possibly wouldn’t be there in the first place if they hadn’t done what they did. As Nick notes, what happens to CC after that last game this year is not really of their concern.

  6. The problem that is being overlooked here is not the Brewers using Sabathia on short rest now, the problem was overextending him in games they had won in July. Why was he in the 8th and 9th innings of games in which they led by 7 runs? It was irresponsible and unethical and just plain dumb. The wear and tear they put on his arm in July when they didn’t need to, seems to have had an impact on his effectiveness in September. He’s has not been the same guy. Of course they have to use him at whatever cost now. I also give him credit for taking the ball and doing whatever they ask of him unlike his teammate Ben Sheets.

  7. Sarah Green says:

    I give credit to CC for wanting the ball, of course, and I don’t really expect the Brewers to do much differently. And I think there will be GMs watching who think he’s worth even MORE money because of his willingness to go out there and keep throwing even if he sucks, and even if it might hurt him down the road. Smart GMs will also realize that they will have to treat him a little more carefully than he’s been treated this year, by the Brewers, and last year, by the Indians.

    But on the other hand, if you’re a GM looking at Sabathia, you can’t know how the last two years of heavy use will have impacted his arm. And as we know, really big guys like Sabathia can suffer from knee problems as well as arm problems. How many fat pitchers can you think of who started to have pain in their knees? There’s no point in even trying to answer that question, because the list would be endless. So I wonder how many GMs will want to give Sabathia not just a lucrative contract, but a long one.

    And I agree that the Brewers may have screwed themselves by overusing CC in July. It’s like they’re a kid with a shiny new toy and they just want to play with it until they break it!

  8. CC is a stud. After all this hand wringing(and no one will see this comment) he shut the Cubs down…when asked if he would be ready on 3 days rest again?…”No Doubt”….he is a monster!

  9. Sarah Green says:

    you left your name as “suck it”?

    what’s the sound a doggy makes?


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