Well here we are, two games down, one to go in the “decisive” Twins-White Sox series and the Twinkies have done the impossible, they’ve made this an interesting race!

I guess the Sox see urgency of a (shrinking) half-game lead becoming larger in the rear view mirror with a mere three (or four) games to play after tonight’s final game between Pale Hose and Mellizos. Who knew such a slim lead in late September would be interesting?

Last night’s game exposed the White Sox as a team that lacks punch, clutch hitting, and swagger. They stranded eight runners, and the only offensive production came off Ken Griffey, Jr.’s bat. Two double plays, one by Jermaine Dye and another by Orlando Cabrera; Alexei Ramirez caught in a run-down between third and home; and a very overwhelmed Dewayne Wise going 0fer, and leaving four runners in scoring position all on his own.

For what it’s worth (and at this point, it’s a lot), the Twins did what they do best, bloop singles, running out infield squiblers, slapping the ball the other way, hitting up the middle when it counts; pitching and defense (Carlos Gomez, I hate your freakin’ guts).

But keep in mind, the final score was 3-2. A one-run game. I’m sorry, the Twins deserved to win because the White Sox simply do not (and have not had) the will to win this thing.

So, let’s gather some more he said, he said from the webs:

“I think it does a little bit.”

Mark Buehrle speaking on the notion that the Twins and their Metrodome are gnawing at the Sox’ collective psyche.

“If we lose this thing, it’s not because we’re scared or we’re tired or we panicked,” Guillen said beforehand. “We’re going to go out there and fight. Some people fight better than others in some situations.”

Ozzie, on hoping his team catches a spark in these last few games.

I love Hawk Harrelson, but blaming the White Sox’s latest embarrassment in the Metrodome on Wednesday on a bad call at second base is just silly.

Sure, Mark Buehrle had Carlos Gomez picked off. Orlando Cabrera did a great job of blocking the base. Umpire Andy Fletcher blew it.

But guess what? Buhrle could’ve gotten a couple outs after that. I’m not bashing my favorite Sox pitcher here. He was just about everything the Sox needed. It just wasn’t enough, and the reason is the offense.

Steve Rosenbloom, on the apparent insitence (it’s a habit) by the Sox broadcaster to blame losses on blown calls by the umpires.

I agree with Rosenbloom 100%. I was watching the game with my friend Joeff, and yes, that was a blown call. But I keep going back to the goose eggs our Big Boppers kept putting up. No excuses Hawk.

”We’re where we want to play,” first baseman Justin Morneau said, ”and we’ve got them where we want them.”

Morneau on having the Sox against the ropes.

With all that said, here’s a little poll action:

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11 Responses to “Twins Make it Interesting in the AL Central”

  1. haha, you said “poll action”. get it? poll? pole? pole action? hahaha… ha. ha.

    i’m twelve.

  2. Alejandro A. Leal says:

    …uhmm ok…

    oh what the hell, i’ll take it… yea hahah …poll action… like foul pole action…

  3. if that’s what comes into your mind, you’re way too mature, alejandro.

  4. Alejandro A. Leal says:

    … man, i dunno what’s worse, playing along with the immaturity, or not being able to come across as immature (or as a prude!!)…

    … all those single dollar bills for naught…

  5. Alejandro,
    I have to take issue with your characterization of the Sox lacking, the intangibles of “punch, clutch hitting, and swagger.” There are tangible reasons the Sox are losing at Minnesota. The reasons would be lack of defense, speed, and being home run reliant. The Twins are constructed to win in that dome and the Sox are constructed to win at U.S. Cellular a much more homer friendly field. The other two things that factor in are the fact that the Sox are playing without a guy that carried them all year, Carlos Quentin. Wise is a AAAA player they have gotten mileage out of but should not be relying on to carry them when they need a win most. I don’t know if there is such a thing as clutch but one guy that has come up big in the past for the Sox, when it counts most is Joe Crede. He is another guy that might have served them well right about now. If the Sox win tonight they will still be up 2 in the loss column and in decent position for the final weekend of the season.

  6. Alejandro A. Leal says:

    Well, just because I didn’t go into detail of the Sox’ flaws doesn’t mean I didn’t notice the collective 0-11 that the middle of the batting order put up last night.

    I agree with you 100%, and to me that means they lack punch, clutch, and swagger.

    And no matter if they win tonight, they’re just fodder for the Rays. The Sox don’t deserve to be in the playoffs; if they did, they would’ve clinched a long time ago.

    I’ve been watching this team for the past two months be two games or so up on the Twins. But not as a consequence of an intense pennant race, no, more as a result of both teams playing .500 ball.

  7. No offense Alejandro… but I’m rooting for the Twins. At least tonight. If the Twins win, then I’ll switch. What can I say, this dragging out is just amusing. The AL Central has violated almost every prediction this year. Instead the Tigers bought everything except a bullpen and the best bet for Cy Young, Verlander, forgot how to pitch. Hafner regressed to a AA power hitter and the Indians forgot how to play early. The Twins were supposed to be a joke without Santana and instead Santana may be the one watching the TV in October. Then the White Sox… well they had a solid staff early. Only the good old dependable Royals matched the prediction.

  8. Alejandro A. Leal says:

    I don’t blame ya Ben L, I was very skeptical of this Sox playoff run. It stings that they just got swept, I know, but I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to playing the Rays in the playoffs.

    Come Monday, however, it may still be undecided. Gotta love the AL Central.

  9. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Mets and Brewers have impressive walk offs, both have fairly tough upcoming series. Though my money is on the Mets taking 2 out of 3 from the Marlins and the Brewers lose 2 out of 3 to the Cubs… Too bad, I want to see a tie. As for the White Sox/Twins, well last night Jenks had no right being on the mound in the 10th, it screams of desperation to win. And now the ChiSox season is in the hands of the Royals… look on the bright side, you don’t have to face Lee this weekend.

  10. I totally agree that the Sox have had every shot to wrap up this division long ago. They don’t deserve to win it but I wouldn’t be shocked if they were playing the Twins again on Tuesday in a tie-breaker. I’m still not sure how the Sox managed to lose that game last night considering the Twins did everything they could, error wise, to give it to them.

    I still just cringe when I hear the South Side refrain, “we got to play with the fire and the passion,” “we’ve got to show the swagger,” sorry I don’t know what that means. I just wish they could say we need to be better at baseball. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kenny tries to make a deal for Aaron Rowand in order to bring back the “fire and the passion.”

  11. Alejandro Leal says:

    Wow, you had to go there. You had to invoke The Legend

    I don’t appreciate your cynicism, melissa, it reeks of mockery…


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