This year? You mean we're still alive?!?

This year? You mean we're still alive?!?!

So there you have it folks, the season is over, and still no AL Central champion. The weekend transpired in perfect-storm fashion for the White Sox, with the Royals winning two outta three in the Dome of Doom, but were not able to capitalize, letting the first two games of the Indians series slip through their pitcher’s hands.

I don’t know if Minnesota deserves it more than the Sox do; I don’t think either team should consider itself a “Cinderella” once they’re in. For all the frustration and humiliation the Sox put their fans through this past week, I wouldn’t want to be a Twins fan watching the Sox do barely enough to drag this thing into season-ending purgatory.

UmpBump readers agree, the Twins should end up winning this thing, but Mark Buehrle did what the Sox couldn’t do this past five days: he was clutch. He pitched on three-days rest after throwing 121 pitches in Minnesota and allowed a lonley run (a home run). Well, not true, Jermaine Dye did a little bit of team-carrying himself, dumping a bloop single that scored two runs. Had Jamey Carroll not booted a double-play grounder in the second, those two runs would’ve been the most agonizing runs scored this year at the Cell. And now, the Sox play Detroit in a make-up game tomorrow, which ironically features two starting pitchers that were traded for each other.

Let’s not sing praises for the White Sox yet. Even though they’re in control of their own destiny, it almost seems like they chose to walk through fire in order to get to the playoffs. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, I’d feel a little bit vindicated if they do; seeing as they chose the longest, and hardest, road (bringing their fandom to the brink of collective colllapse).

As for the Twins, well, they get to watch and wait; they didn’t do much to win this thing either. No, sweeping the Sox wasn’t enough, otherwise they would’ve been crowned champs by now; and no matter how many weak, veiled threats to take it out on Cliff Lee only-because-he-didn’t-pitch are made, they still lost to the Royals twice, so its fitting they do some scoreboard gawking of their own.

Then again, last week they did take the Sox to task, Carlos Gomez found a raîson d’être and if the Sox win tomorrow against the Tigers, then they’ll get another chance to do what they had seemingly accomplished earlier: put the Sox out of their misery.

2 Responses to “Season’s Over And Still No AL Central Champion”

  1. Ozzie’s comments on this predicament are hilarious. he’s basically disgusted by his players – can’t even look them in the eye.

    maybe neither of them want to go to the playoffs. I mean, it’s just more work, only to inevitably wind up losing to the Angels, Sox or Rays. Detroit had the right idea – they just forfeited it back in May.

  2. What do you mean May? They forfeited after the 7th game of the year. About this point they found out Shef was older than they remembered, Verlander was suddenly no longer feared, that Willis guy was slightly less valuable than the batboy, and pen was a joke.

    As for the White Sox… this situation couldn’t be more funny. Both teams played the last month like they didn’t want the crown! The Twins were 10-14 in September, the ChiSox are so far 9-15. Really if the Rays don’t wipe the floor clean with one of these teams I’ll be stunned.

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