I’ve been waiting to write about this because I was hoping the Phillies would come to their senses. But it looks like they’re actually going to go ahead and let Mitch Williams throw out the first pitch before today’s game between the Phils and Brewers.

It just strikes me as odd that the organization reached out to a guy who has become the symbol of Phillies futility. You don’t see the Cubs asking Steve Bartman to throw out the first pich before their game.

After all, the Phillies aren’t in a situation where, like the Rays, they’re short on worthy first pitch candidates.

Boston brought back Buckner to throw out the first pitch at opening day this year, but that was opening day, not Game 1 of the playoffs. You lose opening day and it’s no big deal. You lose Game 1 and you’re two losses away from the golf course.

True, Williams has polished his image by serving as a capable post-game analyst on local Philadelphia TV. But this hardly seems like the time to roll the dice and let a possibly jinxed former reliever on to the field.

Umpbumpers, what do you think of Wild Thing’s return to the mound?

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4 Responses to “He’s baaaaaaaaaack”

  1. JojoFireball says:

    Didn’t Mitch Williams try to fight someone recently at a little league game or something or did I imagine/dream that?
    Umpire maybe?

  2. BravesFan says:

    I missed it – did he getting a standing ovation or did he get the ole Mike Schmidt boo?

  3. Coley Ward says:

    Jojo, he yelled at the ref at his kid’s youth basketball game and the ref said he wouldn’t come back unless Williams was banned.

    I missed it, too. I have no idea what kind of reception Mitch got, and I desperately want to know. I also want to know if he slow tossed it to the catcher, or if he let it fly, Wild Thing style.

  4. Lynniemac says:

    Considering the ovation his signed jersey got when it was announced as a prize on Fan Appreciation Day this past Sunday, I’m guessing there were more cheers than boos. He also got the loudest cheers of almost anyone, if not everyone, on Alumni Night back in August.

    Joe Carter hit a junk pitch that he had no business driving as far as he did. You tip your hat and move on. It finally looks like maybe Phillies fans are doing that.

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