My buddy Dan left me a message on my Facebook wall yesterday. It read, “yo man… Sox/Phils World Series, here we come!” It was Dan’s way of congratulating me on the Phillies eliminating the Brewers. But on a deeper, subconscious level, I think Dan, a Red Sox fan, was voicing his sincere support for the Phillies. I’m guessing most Red Sox fans dread the possibility of a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series. And for good reason.

Here’s the nightmare scenario: The Dodgers wrap up the World Series with a dramatic Game 7 win at Fenway. Manny Ramirez hits the game winning home run off an exhausted Jonathan Papelbon in the bottom of the ninth, then trots around the bases, dreadlocks flopping everywhere — Sox fans too shocked to even boo.

Nobody in Boston wants that. That’s why they’ll be rooting for the Phillies in the NLCS. And, on behalf of Philly fans everywhere, let me say, Boston, we welcome your support. Rooting against the Dodgers is something we can all do together.

6 Responses to “Boston has Philly’s back”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Yes. This is the nightmare scenario. The idea of Manny coming back and beating Boston is all a little too Lori Petty-in-A-League-of-Their-Own.

  2. Coley Ward says:

    I welcome this new Boston-Philly allegiance. We two cities have been at odds for a while now. Admittedly, we Philadelphians are a little jealous of Boston’s unprecedented success. But it’ll be nice to put that aside, at least for a week.

  3. As a born-and-bred Phillies fan who has been rooting for the Sox for nine years now, I can’t decide if a Sox/Phils WS would be the Best Thing Ever or a nightmare scenario. Sure (as for Manny in a Dodgers/Sox series), whichever team wins would be awesome. But deep in my heart, I’m a Phillies fan more than a Sox fan (you gotta stick to your roots). And how do I cheer against the Sox? I imagine sitting in a bar in Brighton–bottom of the ninth, Sox down one run, Ellsbury on second, Pedie at bat. Everyone’s going nuts. And I’m supposed to keep quiet and hope that the little one doesn’t get a hit?

    As happy as the outcome will be either way, the process, I suspect, will be painful.

  4. Paul Moro says:

    Sarah, I like the analogy. Kit was an immature tempest who became upset and threw a baseball through a window, nearly missing Dottie’s head. Manny is an immature tempest who threw the team traveling secretary to the ground.

    But for this analogy to be completely apt, Manny would have to leg out a series winning inside-the-park home run and in the process steam roll over the traveling secretary who would for some bizarre reason be playing catcher. If this happens, it will be the greatest youtube video ever.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Actually Paul, this is not so far out of the realm of possibility as you may think. I mentally noted in Game 4 of the ALCS, when Bay scored from second on a groundball single by Lowrie, that Manny probably couldn’t have scored on that ball (Manny might’ve hit a walk-off homer instead of a ground rule double, but nevermind). Instead, Manny would have run through the stop sign at third, flipped his helmet off, become blinded by his flying dreads, and charged standing up into the waiting Mike Napoli. So I can entirely see a scenario in which the Dodgers reach the World Series and Manny scampers home, bowling over the catcher.

    While the traveling secretary-as-catcher scenario is the best, from a YouTube perspective, there are plenty of other cinematic candidates as well. First, Jason Varitek himself; the team captain, one assumes that at some point he tried to calm Manny. From the fact that this clearly didn’t work, we may reasonably infer that Manny may have come to view Varitek as a figure of unwanted authority, much as Kit viewed Dottie. But in the entirely possible event that the Red Sox pinch-hit for Tek late in the game, then pinch-hit for backup backstop Cash, and *then* watch in horror as third catcher Ross goes down with some sort of freak injury, we can tease out some other possible outcomes as well. I believe Mike Lowell was the team’s emergency catcher at one point, but his hip injury certainly makes this unlikely now. However, Dustin Pedroia, who once volunteered to be the team’s emergency catcher, could, in the above scenario, be the man behind the dish when Manny comes barreling home—and Pedroia, like Dottie, is viewed with something akin to untrammeled love by Red Sox Nation and the larger MLB world. Manny, like Kit, is his polar opposite. In another remotely plausible scenario, the Red Sox respond to a Ross injury by putting Kevin Youkilis behind the plate. (How did I come up with this? Well, they seem to stick Youk anywhere that doesn’t require a whole lot of speed, so why not emergency catcher? Besides, he presents a more solid target than Pedroia back there.) Thus, Manny would get to bowl over the man whose head he once cuffed in a dugout brawl. Since Youkilis has been called, by some, “a notorious red-ass,” this would result in a fair amount of schadenfreude for Manny partisans. Given that, at this point, most Manny partisans are Dodger fans, and most Dodger fans live in LA, and LA is the home of the film industry, I predict Hollywood could have the heartwarming biopic finished in time for next year’s Fall Classic.

    This is all by way of saying that the PHILLIES MUST WIN. THEY *MUST.*

  6. Jack From Harford says:

    Don’t worry. A Manny game winner in the bottom of the 9th at Fenway can’t and won’t happen this or any other year. It could happen in the top of the 9th, 10th etc.

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