I know America needs a change. But there’s the experience factor to consider. And the character issue.

I’m not prejudiced. Really, I’m not. But I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

The Tampa Bay Rays as World Series Champions? I just can’t get my mind around it.

In true Nuke LaLoosh fashion, Tampa has announced its presence with authority, winning yesterday’s Game 3 on the road against the Red Sox. Even if Tampa stumbles in 2008 (unlikely), the balance of power has clearly shifted. The Rays are good, and they’re going to be good for a very long time.

Longoria. Upton. Crawford. Price.

It’s the Rays world, and we’re just living in it.

17 Responses to “Time for a change?”

  1. Tom Hoffman says:

    I agree, if “a very long time” is a few years until the Rays have some injuries and get a little older. Then we will see what their new players look like. In this regard, Rad Sox fans have reason to be optimistic.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Another day, another crushing loss at the hands of the Rays. Now they’re up 11-1 in Game 4, about to take a 3-1 lead over the Sox. This is not the sort of series I was expecting after the very tense first two games.

  3. So you’re comparing the Rays to a socialist liberal?

  4. so wait, now if you vote for Obama, you have to root for the Rays? does that make the Red Sox McCain? were those 86 years of torture akin to 5 years in a Vietnamese prison camp? interesting analogy you’ve got going here.

    dammit…in the words of Larry Whitmore, “how am I supposed to rail against the Man…when I AM the Man?”

  5. Tom-Older? “Getting older” for them means that they’ll be entering the prime of their careers. I don’t see one key player who’s going to be a free agent before 2010.

    Yeah, you can expect some regression next year because they were a little lucky this year. But it’s certainly not back to the cellar for them unless something drastic happens.

  6. lol @ political shit

  7. Jojo Fireball says:

    And don’t forget that Tampa also drafted first overall and signed Tim Beckham this year who is an absolute stud of the Upton family/Jimmy Rollins type design…

  8. Wes Wilson says:

    In 11 years, we could have the Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Rays all make a World Series appearance with 3 wins (and possibly 4 wins) among them.

    And STILL the Cubs haven’t been to a World Series since the Truman administration.

    To keep up with the Bull Durham angle…

    The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness.

  9. I hate not being the underdog anymore. I also hate people laughing at our failure. it brings back memories of 10 months ago. dammit, I wanna go back to being the young black guy with all the hopes and dreams…I don’t wanna be the farty old white guy limping around!

    well, at least I’m not a cubs fan.

  10. just the fact that Cross-Eyed Carl Crawford is able to hit 90 mph fastballs makes want to curl into a ball. how does he judge which ball to hit, the ball he sees with his left eye or the ball he sees with his right eye?

  11. Alejandro says:

    Lemme just pour some more salt in that wound. Not only did the White Sox win it all in ’05… they outlasted the Cubs in this year’s playoffs.

  12. Lyndsay,
    As a Cubs fan just let me say, at least I’m not Sarah Palin.

    You get the loud slow hand clap on that one. Enjoy your schadenfreude while it lasts and while Jim Thome and Paul Konerko get another year older.

  13. I found all of the comments interestingly would not have much significance except we are FANS… Realize that in 10 years ALL of the trivial interesting for now comments will be totally insignificant EXCEPT for the records, the flukes, and maybe just a few “I was there” items…I think FANS try to make or add to the significance for argument and rememberence sake…Keep it lite and enjoy the time.

  14. Jim, I’m glad that no one will remember my opinions ten years from now. Because a lot of them will be proven wrong. But ten years is a long time. What’s wrong with having some fun between now and then?

  15. By the way, who IS that guy in the photo? Never seen him before in my life.

  16. Sarah Green says:

    If the Red Sox system keeps churning along the way it has been under the new owners/management and the Rays powerhouse has several years of prime to look forward to and the Yankees blow up their team this winter and spend like drunken sailors, will the AL/AL East race matter more than the World Series? Will it be more interesting? Or does it even matter, since we know it would be covered more extensively anyway, no matter what, since so many major media outlets live over here?

    More importantly, if the Red Sox are John McCain, are the Yankees…..the entire Bush family?

  17. Alejandro Leal says:

    Aw, c’mon melissa, the slow clap? Really?!… I’m honored…

    And yes, Konerko and Thome are one year closer to walking with a cane, but we’ve got Dewayne Wise! We’re going all the way in 2009!!!

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