Immediately after the NLCS ended and the Phillies turned their attention to champagne spraying and ass slapping, I began to think about the World Series. Lots of people would consider baseball questions, like who’s going to DH for the Phils? Should they start Jamie Moyer, who’s been struggling? Who should start at third base, Pedro Feliz or Greg Dobbs?

But I’ve got a more pressing issue on my mind. The Phillies are going to have at least two, maybe three home games. And that means up to three opportunities to trot out celebrity singers to perform our national anthem, as well as three more opportunities for a celeb to sing “God Bless America.”

There are lots of musicians with Philadelphia roots. Which of the following musicians/bands/singers would you like to see perform at the World Series?

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18 Responses to “Who should sing the national anthem in Philly?”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    Seriously? Someone voted for Dr. Dog when Frank Stallone is up there?

    PS: I really considered this for about a minute. But Frank barely wins over Boyz II Men. However, if Michael “Bass” McCary pens an addendum to the national anthem during which he, in his usual spoken-word style solo, refers to America as “baby” and how she always treats him right, then there’s just no way in hell that I can not do everything possible to make that happen.

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Paul, this is going to blow your mind, so prepare yourself. Jimmy Rollins lives in Michael McCary’s old house.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Jazzy Jeff! JAZZY JEFF!!!!

  4. What? No love for the Hooters?

  5. Nick Kapur says:

    I voted for Jazzy Jeff. West Philly represent.

  6. Nick, simple mathematics has proven time and again that West Philly is less than Motown Philly. Because unlike West Philly, Motown Philly is back again.

  7. can we get Boyz To Men, ABC, AND BBD? they’re the east coast family.

  8. so check this out, one day back in Philly, four guys, they wanted to sing. and I said, but what’s your name? “Boyz To Men!” hey…you know what I’m sayin? and I said, “aight, fellas let me see what you can do. and then one day Wanya said, yo Mike, check this out, see if this one moves you…”

  9. write-in local Philly candidate: Electric Dream Machine!

    get ready to experience some sexual magic…

  10. By the way, I’ve always wanted to create a boy band called Men IV Boyz. Is this a bad idea?

  11. Paul: Lou Pearlman doesn’t think so. at least he didn’t before he went to prison.

  12. Why do the singers have to butcher the national anthem like they do. Patti LaBelle just turned it into something like overground hamburger. It was the worst rendition of the national anthem I have ever heard of. Next time get Rosanne Barr for an upgrade. We all should be proud of our national anthem and not have to change channels to avoid the screaming of a singer who is extremely bad.

  13. Why do some of the singers have to butcher the national anthem. Patti LaBelle just turned in a rendition that resembled overground hamburger. It was without a doubt the worst I have ever heard. Next time get Rosanne Barr for an upgrade. We all should be proud of our national anthem and not have to change channels to avoid screaming of the song. Pathetic at best!!!

  14. Baseball Mom says:

    I think she has a a great voice but…Patti Labelle massacred the National Anthem.

    Not only was Patti’s rendition of our Nationan Anthem just awful, she got the words wrong!! Was she avoiding copywrite infringements by changing the words to: “What so proudly we hail’d at the “skylights” last gleaming”? Not to mention, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous “flight””. The Wright brothers were not even born yet!!! There were no planes flying missions overhead during the assault on Fort McHenry in 1814. C’mon Patti

  15. Sarah Green says:

    Glad to see two of you already beat me to it — all I was thinking of while Patti was singing was, “My God, I’ve got to get back to UmpBump, stat!” Yes, it was awful. Even worse than Steven Tyler; and if you don’t recall, I’m sure you can just imagine how bad a cappella Steven Tyler would be.

    Personally, I thought she said “starlight,” though that was really just because I couldn’t believe she said “skylight.”

  16. Coley Ward says:

    Long after people have forgotten who won the 2008 World Series, they’ll still remember Patti Labelle’s national anthem. That was epic. It was like somebody handed her a sheet with the music and the words and she was like, no thanks, I brought my own.

  17. The Star Spangled Banner is an anthem…the National Anthem of the United Sates of America.
    It is not a country song, a blues song, a rock song, a soul or jazz song…it is an ANTHEM.

    It should be sung or played with dignity and respect…the performers should not stray very far from the original notes and should definitely limit artistic interpretation.

    Patti LaBelle destroyed the National Anthem last night. She missed notes, changed “key” two or three times by missing notes so badly, and butchered the words…through the “skylight”…and through the “flight”???

    I don’t know who she was trying to impress but I could not sleep last night because of her. MLB should be ashamed for not requiring singers to audition their versions before they go on national tv. Patti LaBelle was horrible…it was a pitiful effort, it should get her arrested for impersonating a singer. I need to get over this, but it has bothered me all day…I will watch the game tonight, but Ill tune in after the anthem…I cannot risk my health.

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