Now, 8=2. Or 9=2. Or 2+2=5. Whatever. The point is, there are only two teams left: the NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies and the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays. Who do you think will win the World Series?

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11 Responses to “Make Your Pick: Phillies or Rays?”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    I don’t KNOW that the Rays are going to win. But they had a better record playing in a better league. So it’s really hard for me to not pick the Rays here.

    What’s the justification in voting for the Phillies?

  2. I WANT the Phillies to win. but I voted that the Rays WILL win. the reason I want the Phillies to win is purely out of spite. yes, it was a long-fought battle and the best team won so I can’t fault them but…I just don’t want the “World Series Champion Tampa Bay Rays” in the AL East next year. for one thing, the Orioles players would start committing suicide en masse. so I’m concerned for Guthrie’s and Millar’s welfare. second. you know there can only be ONE Highlander! and it’s the Red Sox. sorry, Rays fans, but we’ve already got two massively self-important, obnoxious fan bases in our division (that being Sox and Yanks, and I of course include myself among the former contingency), and there’s just no room at the inn for cowbells and Rayhawks.

  3. also, note to Matt Garza: please stop spitting. I know all the guys do it, but you cannot go one minute without. last night’s volume alone put you at the top of my list of most disgusting/unhygienic ballplayers, ahead of Giambi and Youkilis, and it really is difficult to top all that combined greasiness and head sweat. yet somehow you managed to.

  4. Coley Ward says:

    Garza did spit a lot. But most disgusting spit of the night went to J.D. Drew, whose loogie got caught on his chin for a second before slowly dripping off.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, I wasn’t quite sure about the Drew-spittle incident and I was watching on 42 inches of hi-def plasma gorgeosity. However, I will trust you, since it was a borderline call in my book and since your attention to JD Drew detail is unparalleled.

    But Lyndsay is completely right about Garza. My boyfriend noticed it too, and we spent a cheerful half-inning debating whether or not he spits like that inside. It seems so second nature that I could easily imagine him spitting in line at the bank, spitting while whipping up some vegan brownies in his kitchen, spitting in the grocery store or in the shower or at IHOP. He’s like his own private Dr. Seuss book of spitting. I spit while I talk and I spit while I walk and I’ll spit ’til I die or I’ll spit in your eye!

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Oh, but more to the point, I do think the Rays are going to win. They’re the better team, plus I think that the Phillies will suffer from some rust after having all this time off.

  7. Like you, I think the Rays are GOING to win-they are just better. I HOPE the Phillies win, because I live in a Philadelphia suburb and maybe people around here will be a little less pissy.

  8. Kirk Miller says:

    Jimmy Rollins is not going to let the Phillies lose.

  9. Paul Moro says:

    Kirk, does that mean that Jimmy Rollins is going to dropkick any Phillie who makes an out?

  10. Sarah Green says:

    Actually Michael, you raise an excellent point. For the past 24 hours, I’ve been hoping the Rays will win on the theory that this will mean the Red Sox losing their first ALCS elimination game under Terry Francona will serve the larger purpose of Tampa Bay’s Cinderella story. But if the Phillies win, then maybe Coley will join me in exulting over the lesser mortals whose teams have not recently won a World Series, instead of attempting to rain on my obnoxious-but-enjoyable parade. Excellent.

  11. I’ve got it – the Rays should just join the AL Central division next year. no, they are not geographically central, but that division seriously needs an injection of excitement – watching their playoff race was like a contest of “who wants to lose LESS?” actually, we’ll trade them the Rays for Kansas City – I think Baltimore would like a chance at 4th place next year. you know that with the rise of the Rays every single person on that staff is like “well, shit. well, get used to 28 back, guys.”

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