It’s raining in Philly and cold — tells me that it is currently 45 degrees but that it feels like 39. Fans are bundled up in sweatshirts and parkas and encased in brightly colored plastic ponchos. Pretty much your standard fare.

But the players are wearing something a little different: baseball caps with ear flaps. Now perhaps I’m just really unobservant (or extremely forgetful) but I don’t remember seeing these sorts of caps before. So naturally, I googled them. Someone at the Globe and Mail talked to Tampa Bay’s equipment guy:

Turns out that New Era, baseball’s official cap supplier, had been making the things for two years but that this was the first year the Rays ordered them.

Hmm, two years? Unobservance, 1. Sarah, 0.

The Rays also broke out the so-called “Elmer Fudd” caps in Chicago earlier this month. (Unobservance, 2; Sarah, 0.) And I noticed Joe Maddon wearing one–flaps up–earlier in the series.  I thought maybe it was some weak-ass thing that teams from Florida who play in domes would only do. But tonight, the Phillies are wearing the hats too! And I can’t decide if they’re kinda cute, in a practical-yet-unstylish way, or ugly and lame. So, readers, I put it to you: what do you think of these Elmer Fudd caps?

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2 Responses to “Those “Elmer Fudd” Caps”

  1. Where can I get one?

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Rick, don’t we all want to know! I haven’t seen anything online…but it is only a matter of time. This is certain.

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