A few questions:

1. Who will pitch when the game resumes? Do both teams turn to their bullpens? Or do they simply go with Brett Myers and James Shields, the next starters in line?

2. If the series goes to seven games, will Cole Hamels be available to pitch game seven? He might, especially if the two teams aren’t able to resume Game 5 until Wednesday.

3. Is Philadelphia’s championship drought more than just bad luck? Is there a higher power at work here? And, if so, is that higher power pissed because we cracked the Liberty Bell? Or because we’ve been using crappy cheese on our steak sandwiches for all these years? Or because Patti LaBelle took a few liberties with the national anthem on Sunday night?

6 Responses to “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. And sometimes it rains.”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    4. Do both teams have to keep their same lineups? I assume so; that is, Pena and Longoria will still be batting 4-5, instead of 3-4, and anyone who came out of the game midway through will have to stay out.

    5. Would MLB have suspended the game if the Rays hadn’t tied it? I sincerely doubt it.

  2. 1) My bet is both teams go to the pen, but if one of them puts in a starter, I’d bet on Tampa.
    2) Hamels only threw 75 pitches, since at the time the game was suspended, he can still pitch, but it would be stupid. He’ll be rested for game 7, especially if everything is moved back a day. Well, at least he’ll be in the pen.
    3) Assume god likes irony.
    4) Sarah, think of the suspension as the game is suspended in time. All lineups are the same, everyone who left the game is the same, etc. Meaning only Kazmir is ineligible to play. Long story short, Philly was hurt more by this, they won’t want Hamels in the game still, on the other hand, Balfour is a reliever and could go another inning on the rest he got.
    5) Yes they would have. That was quite a downfall and they’d never simply call a world series game, Selig would be killed.

  3. Coley Ward says:

    But Sarah’s right — if they had suspended play with the Phillies ahead and had been unable to resume play, then the Phillies would have been proclaimed the winner. Of course, that would have resulted in a huge controversy. And even Philly fans don’t want a World Series title with an asterisk next to it.

  4. Coley Ward says:

    No, wait, I take it back. Apparently, Selig says the game was going to go the full nine innings, regardless of the score when it was suspended. I don’t know how he can just make up new rules on the fly like that, but I guess that’s why he’s the commissioner.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Under normal rules, if the game is suspended after 5 innings and they are unable to resume play, then yes, the team who is ahead is proclaimed the winner. HOWEVER, there’s a big, glaring exception in MLB’s official rules (now, anyway):

    “EXCEPTION: Optional Rules 4.12(a)(7), 4.12(a)(8) and 4.12(a)(9) for National Association Leagues will not apply to the last scheduled game between the two teams during the championship season or league playoffs.”

    Even so, it’s still a hard slog through all those rules and sub-rules. Under normal circs, Ben’s answer would be incorrect — you can’t have a regulation game (eg, five innings or more) with one team ahead become a suspended game due to weather. But I guess they’ve carved out that big, glaring exception for postseason play — which makes sense — except that I’m not sure when they added that exception; Bud Selig’s comments (at least the version I read) make it seem like he’s relying on his own “common sense,” not the big, glaring exception in the rules.

    Another factor to consider: if the umps had stopped the game before the 5th, none of it would’ve counted and they would have had to start a new game afresh when the weather cleared.

  6. Well, now it’s official. There will be no baseball today. MLB will attempt to continue Game 5 on Wednesday.

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