I was talking to my dad today and he brought up something that had crossed my mind once or twice. Chase Utley, who dropped an F-bomb at the Phillies’ championship celebration on Friday, has yet to apologize.

Unlike the first time Utley used the f-word on national TV this year, this time he meant to say it. So maybe it’s not surprising that he hasn’t said “I’m sorry.”

But it is surprising that the Phillies didn’t make him apologize. These days it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about minimizing public relations damage, and the Phillies didn’t do anything to appease people who were upset about Utley’s language.

Hey, I’m not saying he should apologize. What’s done is done. And, frankly, it was hilarious. I’m just surprised that polical correctness didn’t win out, for once.

3 Responses to “Utley isn’t sorry”

  1. Apologize? He should be given some kind of awesomeness award. :o

  2. Not sure if this qualifies as an awesomeness award, but I’d be willing to bet the man never has to buy another drink in Philly as long as he lives.

  3. Coley,

    I don’t think he should apologise. It was an awesome moment, he was pumped and I honestly can’t see how people could be offended by that anyway – it was bordering on what I would call good-natured cursing. People would get the nature/context in which it was said so there’s no damage to limit in this instance

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