Sure, this is a baseball blog, and we try and stick to that meme like molasses on a horse-trainer’s hands (wow, talk about straying off topic). But it almost feels as if we lived in a bubble should we not acknowledge the unprecedented and historic victory for Sen. Barack Obama in this year’s presidential election.

Be you a Republican, Independent, Democrat, Independent, Cubs fan, or White Sox fan, this is a moment that is worth the history this country was built on, and I believe there’s no denying that.

So let us take a break while we salute the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

10 Responses to “About last night…”

  1. Wow, everything is coming up Coley lately!

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Well, I didn’t write this post. But it’s true that I’m on a roll, as long as you don’t count what happened to my fantasy teams this season, or that my banana bread fell last week.

  3. Last night when I was amongst the throngs of people at Obama’s Grant Park Rally, I thought, “How great is it going to be to have a White Sox fan in the Oval Office after the Cubs win the World Series?” Before you begin to think I’m crazy consider the fact that America just elected a black man to be President. If that’s possible then don’t tell me the Cubs can’t win the World Series. Barack Obama has instilled hope in this country in so many ways. YES WE CAN!

  4. Kirk Miller says:

    How many Presidents have been southpaws?

  5. Bill Clinton was a lefty, and I don’t know the exact number but remember hearing it is a higher percentage than population in general.

  6. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, your banana bread fell? How is that even possible? Maybe it’s some weird fluke harbinger of transformative change…the clairvoyant banana bread!

  7. So uhhhh,
    How much ad space you guys gonna sell with headlines like, “Did Obama Buy the Election?” and “Ready to Kiss Your Paycheck Goodbye?” to Are you in control of that?

    (BTW, I ain’t clicking on them, so their ads aren’t working on at least one umpbump reader.)

  8. Paul Moro says:

    Danny, you didn’t know? We have a HUGE readership in Wasilla. They like the pictures.

  9. Alejandro Leal says:

    Hockey moms-r-us!

    Actually, thats the google adsense. I’ve seen these ads everywhere after the election. It’s a company that makes surveys or something; they’re trying to be incendiary to drive people to their site.

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