Back by popular demand*, we UmpBump writers are already hard at work composing our semi-annual “What They Need” posts, where we basically play GM for all 30 teams. There’s already movement going on in the Hot Stove front so there’s no time to waste. Check back with us throughout the fall season for regular posts to see when your favorite teams are going to be praised, scrutinized, and laughed at (we’re looking at you, Kansas City. I mean, Mike Jacobs? Come on!).

*The phrase “popular demand” may or may not actually mean that our readers have collectively asked us to return. It may or may not mean that even one of you asked us for it. It may or may not mean that the majority of UmpBump writers voted to do so. It does most certainly mean that we’re ready to kick the asses of any of you who didn’t want us to return.

On to the posts!

December 9 – Seattle Mariners
December 8 – Cincinnati Reds

December 8 – Milwaukee Brewers

December 6 – Texas Rangers
December 4 – Houston Astros
December 4 – Los Angeles Angels
December 2 – Cleveland Indians
December 2 – San Diego Padres
November 27 – Colorado Rockies
November 26 – Arizona Diamondbacks
November 25 – Pittsburgh Pirates
November 24 – Baltimore Orioles
November 23 – Minnesota Twins
November 23 – Florida Marlins
November 22 – Los Angeles Dodgers
November 22 – San Francisco Giants
November 21- Washington Nationals
November 18 – Chicago White Sox
November 17 – Tampa Bay Rays
November 17 – Oakland A’s
November 14 – St. Louis Cardinals
November 14 – New York Mets
November 14 – Detroit Tigers
November 13 – New York Yankees
November 12 – Atlanta Braves
November 12 – Chicago Cubs
November 12 – Boston Red Sox
November 11 – Kansas City Royals
November 10 – Philadelphia Phillies
November 8 – Toronto Blue Jays

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14 Responses to “What They Need: 2008-09 Off-Season”

  1. Love the site, but let me throw out a suggestion. When doing these “What They Need.” or other series, I think you guys should post some type of schedule. What team is next, when will it be posted.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Hmm Doug, a schedule. An intriguing idea. I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m working on the Red Sox WTN right now….we’ll discuss this schedule thing. It may be more of a “suggested” schedule than an actual one. You know, because of our day jobs, wildly successful social lives, etc.

  3. I hear ya Sarah! I’m not talking like it’s got to be set in stone like at Baseball America, I believe most of you do this as a hobby. But maybe a 4-5 day window.

  4. Sarah Green says:

    Haha! Okay — here’s our breakdown of who is doing what:

    Paul: Cardinals, Astros, Orioles, Reds, [Blue Jays], Indians
    Alejandro: White Sox, Twins, Mariners, Padres, Yankees, Phillies
    Sarah: Rays, Mets, Red Sox, Marlins, Nationals, Tigers
    Nick: Giants, Diamondbacks, Rangers, Rockies, Angels, Brewers
    Coley: Royals, Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, Pirates, A’s

    I can’t speak for the good gentlemen, but here is my ideal schedge:

    BoSox: Nov 11
    Tigers: Nov 13
    Mets: Nov. 14
    Rays: Nov. 16
    Nats: Nov. 18
    Fish: Nov. 20

    The gauntlet is thrown down! I hope deadlines will keep me honest. And I invite the good men of UmpBump to join me on this intrepid journey of action and accountability.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Okay, quick scheduling update. Obviously, I didn’t post the Nationals WTN yesterday. Nor am I going to post it today. But tomorrow is another day, right? Right! And I’ll tackle the Marlins as soon as possible after that.

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