In no particular order:

1. Wrigley

2. The 1975 Houston Astros uniforms

3. Alexander Cartwright

4. Abbott and Costello

5. Rookies

6. Annie Savoy

7. Triples

8. Minor league road trips

9. No-hitters

10. Near-no-hitters

11. The seventh-inning stretch

12. Manual scoreboards

13. #42

14. Leaping catches

15. Bench-clearing brawls

16. The bottom of the 9th

17. Vendors who throw peanuts really, really far

18. Fenway

19. Doubleheaders

20. Baseball on the radio

Please add your own!

19 Responses to “Stuff Baseball Fans Can Be Thankful For”

  1. Denny Kissane says:

    Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson should easily be on that list.

  2. Type A free agents

  3. Day games

  4. really really long extra inning games.

  5. Alejandro Leal says:

    Interleague play that brought The White Sox to Atlanta, even if it was for only one year, but damn it ibwas there for all three games…

  6. Jamie Moyer’s refusal to act his age

    Lenny Dykstra’s stock tips

    Darren Daulton’s cosmic intuition

  7. Kirk Miller says:

    Hot Dogs and Beer

  8. Nick Kapur says:

    Vin Scully

  9. thomas konko says:

    The Late HARRY CARRY

  10. Lyssa Raven says:

    A league without the DH

    The home team

    Pitchers going 9 innings

    Inside the park home runs

    the Eephus pitch

    Knockdown pitches


    Hot-Stove speculation

    Blockbuster trades

    The Brooklyn Cyclones

    90 feet between bases

    Double Plays

    Triple Plays

    4 strikeout innings

    One of a kind moments

    REAL grass

    and the death of the cookie-cutter stadiums

  11. -The kunckleball

    The number 42 as in Mariano Rivera? Or the number 42 as in life the universe and everything?

  12. Kirk Miller says:

    As a Giants fan I have to say…Jon Miller

  13. RosevilleRedbird says:

    Bob Gibson and the brush back pitch
    cold beer on a hot summers day
    Stan Musial
    Learning to keep score
    No clock telling us when the game will be finished

  14. Oliver Towne says:

    Infield singles.
    Speculating on whether the guy on first would have scored on that ground-rule-double.

    Keeping Mark McGwire out of the Hall.

    Moving down at the fourth inning.

    Kids wearing mitts in the upper deck.

    Grownups wearing mitts in the upper deck.

    Waiting in line at the concession stand, watching the game on the closed circuit TVs, and thinking, “Hey! I’m at that game!”

    Fenway girls.

    Chanting “Larry” at Chipper Jones.


  15. Sarah Green says:

    [At the risk of polluting this most excellent thread — and truly, these comments are fantastic and make me feel even more thankful for baseball! — I simply must respond to Ben L’s question. But I will do so in these brackets.

    “The number 42 as in Mariano Rivera? Or the number 42 as in life the universe and everything?”

    Ben L, you fool. YOU FOOL. I’m sorry, but you deserve that. #42 as in Jackie Robinson. Whose number Mo wears as a form of paying tribute. YOU FOOL! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know it was probably just too much tryptophan. YOU FOOL. Okay, enough now from me.]

  16. Sigh, Sarah Sarah Sarah… am I not allowed to have my fun at all? Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in print…

    Oh and to add to the list:
    -Harvey Haddix’s perfect loss
    -The Double Steal
    -The Ellsbury 2 Base Steal
    -Stealing home
    -Drunken oracles in the stands actually predicting a bizzare outcome within a game (personal experience, a drunk in front of me predicted a grand slam 2 batters before it happened)
    -Drunken fans who fall asleep and have soda cups stacked on them
    -The Mariners hierarchy who proudly distract their fans from their awful team by telling lesbians not to kiss in public

  17. Sarah Green says:

    [Ben L, you forgot to put that part in brackets. I’m not sure I buy your reasoning…surely I’m not the only one who has used the feeble and transparent “oh, but that was supposed to be a JOKE” excuse. But WWJRD? What Would Jackie Robinson Do? He’d probably at least pretend to accept that you were only kidding. So that is what I will do, too. Merry Christmas.]

    -scoring on wild pitches
    -wild pitches that hit the mascot (perhaps only occurring in film, but still, definitely awesome)
    -wild pitches in general
    -shoestring catches
    -strike ’em out throw ’em out double plays
    -the hidden ball trick
    -Hall of Fame arguments
    -bumped umps! (how could i leave out that one before?)

  18. [Fine fine… brackets then. Tsk tsk Sarah. Consider the following into the calculations. 1) I know you’re a Red Sox fan. 2) I’m also a Red Sox fan. 3) My humor is more about sarcasm. 4) Douglas Adams was hilarious. 5) Jackie Robinson supposedly had a good sense of humor.]

    -That look on a players face when he realizes he’s the third out of a triple play.
    -Blooper reels
    -Whoever runs Cot’s Contracts
    -Izzy Alcantara
    -That video of Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura

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