A Rookie of the Year Award and  a World Series ring in 2007, an AL MVP Award and a six-year contract in 2008 — Dustin Pedroia has gotten more hardware his first two years in the majors than a lot of Hall of Fame-caliber players have done in their entire careers.

So what does Pedroia the Destroyah want to do next*?

How about….


Yes, salsa:

Now I love me some salsa — and this salsa was pretty tasty, what with all the black beans and corn and stuff — but come on. That is the gringo-iest salsa I have seen since Paul Newman’s attempt. Stick to baseball, Dustin. Leave the salsa to the the pros.

*Actually, this is not technically what Pedey is doing “next.” This is what he did “before.” All the same, hopefully now that he’s making nearly $7 million a year he can leave the condiments alone.

10 Responses to “Pedroia Salsa: Delicious, But So Pasty”

  1. Does anyone know how this compares to Wild Thing salsa?


    A local sports store was giving out free autographed photos of Mitch if you bought a jar of his salsa for like 5 bucks. I passed.

  2. This is awful. Just… So… Terrible…

  3. What’s with the tourist looking Boston hat he has on? He could have worn something better than that. As for the salsa it’s just OK.

  4. Sarah Green says:

    I guess they aren’t allowed to wear the official team hat without paying big buckarooskis to the team.

    Did I just say “big buckarooskis?”

  5. speaking of Red Sox and edible items they lend their names to…the Kevin Youkilis wine is GODAWFUL. some friends and I decided to try it once, and you know, you really would think that a big bald sweaty angry probably PED-laced first baseman would make a great Sauvignon Blanc and, I guess in that respect he did because, it completely evoked essences of head sweat, ball sweat, and jock sweat.

  6. so I hope now that he’s got his new long-term deal, this also means the end of Pedroia’s reign as Sullivan Tire spokesman – god those are some painful commercials to endure.

  7. Sarah Green says:

    My favorite is probably still the Schilling Schardonnay. It was actually respectable!

    And re: the Sullivan tire ads: GOOD GOD YES! Let Pedroia quickly pass those on to Jed Lowrie. Doing those ads must be some sort of rookie hazing ritual.

  8. as long as it’s not Jacoby. I don’t want to see my Jacoby doing anything cringeworthy!

  9. I love all the empty booze bottles in the background… Sarah, is this photo taken in your kitchen or what?

  10. Sarah Green says:

    HA those are gourmet olive oils, I’ll have you know! The booze bottles all go in the liquor cabinet, where they’ll be safe.

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