The Yankees signed Mark Teixeira today and the effects of the signing were wide ranging. Let’s take a look at who benefitted and who didn’t.

The Winners

The Yankees: They got the best first baseman on the market and, outside of Albert Pujols, probably the best first baseman in baseball. Teixiera will represent a major upgrade over prospective first baseman Nick Swisher, who can now be moved to a corner outfield spot (where his average power will be more forgivable). Or, the Yankees can trade him for something useful.

Teixeira: OK, so signing with the Yankees is horribly predictable. But Teixeira got a huge contract, a no-trade clause and he’ll play for a winner. That’s a pretty good deal. Something tells me he’ll be happy he didn’t sign with the Nationals.

Derek Lowe: The Red Sox say missing out on Teixeira won’t impact their search for more pitching. But you’ve got to think that some of the money they had earmarked for Teixeira could be spent on Lowe. Right now, it looks like the Mets are the only serious bidder for Lowe’s services. Getting the Red Sox involved could spark a bidding war that would culminate in an expensive contract.

Billy Beane: The Oakland GM is trying to field a winner in 2009. He took a hit when Rafael Furcal spurned his very generous four-year offer, but now that the Angels have missed out on Teixeira they are looking even more beatable. Beane must smell blood. Will he sign Adam Dunn or Jason Giambi and really put some pressure on the Halos?

Scott Boras: Now that his biggest client has signed, maybe Boras can shift his attention to the other five gajillion free agents he represents.

The Losers

Manny Ramirez: Now that the Yankees have signed Teixeira they’re extremely unlikely to sign Manny. Who is going to give Ramirez the longterm contract he wants? Probably nobody (unless Ned Coletti goes on a bender).

Red Sox: They missed out on a player that would allow them to vastly improve their middle of the order production. Moreover, that player signed with their chief rival. Burn.

The Angels: Who will play first base for Los Angeles next season? Who will provide protection for Vlad? (No, Tori Hunter. Not you. Please sit down.) This could be a blessing in disguise for the Angels, as Adam Dunn could be a great addition and will require fewer dollars and years.

4 Responses to “Teixeira signs: Winners and Losers”

  1. FUCK!


  2. Sarah Green says:

    Tim Dierkes also pointed out that (for reasons I just have never been able to keep straight) that this move bumps some Boston and Toronto draft picks down another round. So, there’s that.

    I also agree about Manny — though on the other hand, we seem to have now established $20 million as the floor for productive hitters rather than the ceiling. But on the *other* other hand, the Angels, Yankees, and (obv.) Red Sox are now out of the bidding for Manny, which doesn’t leave a lot of natural matches for the slugger. Of NL GMs, Omar Minaya and Ned Colletti seem the likeliest to go for an aging, overpaid slugger, but the Mets brass has forbidden Minaya from pursuing Manny and Colletti didn’t offer as much as Manny wanted. Still, the bedredlocked one might have to take it.

  3. The forgotten big loser is the Brewers for losing a 1st round pick because with CC and Teix signing with Yanks. Brew Crew only get a 2nd round pick and the 1st pick they lost goes to the Angels. Which now have two 1st round picks (K-rod-Mets & Teix-Yanks).

  4. “Tim Dierkes also pointed out that (for reasons I just have never been able to keep straight) that this move bumps some Boston and Toronto draft picks down another round. So, there‚Äôs that.”

    You mean Milwaukee and Toronto. Milwaukee will now receive a 2nd round pick and Toronto a 3rd. The reason that their picks move down is that Teixeira is the highest rated free-agent on the Elias scale. Since his rating is higher, the first round pick goes to his previous club. CC Sabathia’s rating is slightly lower than Teixeira’s, so the Brew Crew will get a 2nd round pick, and Burnett’s rating is well below the above mentioned two so Toronto will get a 3rd round pick, provided the Yankees don’t sign Manny. If the Yankees sign Manny too, the Blue Jays will get the Yankees’ 4th round pick. Pretty bum return.

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