Farrah and Jon Lester

If there is one service that we here at UmpBump truly provide to the Internets, it is our relentless quest to seek out and honor Hot Baseball Wives.

To stay ahead of the competition, we have to remain on top of our game, so we have been keeping an eye on Red Sox ace Jon Lester’s girlfriend Farrah Johnson for quite some time now, but despite being engaged since last summer, until the two lovebirds tied the knot, she was not officially a baseball wife, and we have too much integrity to run posts on mere “hot baseball girlfriends” — which, I’m sure you will grant, are a dime a dozen.

But now that Jon and Farrah have wed, the time is ripe to announce our newest inductee into the hallowed halls of hot baseball wifery, Farrah Lester née Johnson.


Jon Lester met Farrah Johnson, a nursing student, at the start of the 2007 season when he was recovering from his offseason battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Jon was initially quite upset when Sox sent him to class-A Greenville, SC to start the season, but he met his future wife there and even though he was only in South Carolina for three starts, the two hit it off and began dating.

One of the hobbies the couple enjoys together is deer hunting, which Jon introduced to Farrah, helping her successfully shoot her first deer in 2007.

The couple was engaged last summer and was married on January 9. And just because we here at UmpBump leave no stone unturned, you can even check out their wedding registry.



17 Responses to “Hot Baseball Wife: Farrah Lester”

  1. ok, as an Irish Catholic I know how these things work: engagement marriage 3 months later quickie Crate and Barrel registry = somebody’s preggers! that kid’ll be hear by Opening Day!

  2. did I just write “hear” instead of “here”? where is the edit function on this comment thing? I should really go to bed now.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Ha! Maybe that somehow explains those weird ceramic pumpkin-shaped tureen-thingies on the registry. What *were* those things??

  4. I’m guessing that has something to do with this thing called “soup” that people sometimes cook.

    I for one can’t think of one good reason to get married before the age of 30…besides being pregnant. Lester should be going out and getting all the pu$$y he can right now – he’s got Lance Armstrong cred! AND the no-hitter? that’s gotta pull in some serious tail. where do I drop MY panties?

  5. incidentally…Crate and Barrel scares the crap outta me, cuz I am all elbows and grand hand gestures.

  6. Lester cheated on his high school sweetheart (and the girl who was with him through his cancer) with this piece of tail from SC and then got hosed into marrying her. I hear he’s also newly “born-again”.

    Miss Farrah should probably watch her new husband.

  7. “got hosed’ into marrying her? how so? did she roofie him before the wedding or something?

  8. baseball1 says:

    Jon fell in love with Farrah the minute he met her. She is a very beautiful girl with alot of class and morals. It was love at first site. Jon broke up with the ex weeks before he and Farrah started dating. Jon’s parents took care of him during the cancer. Get your story straight.

  9. hahahahaaha…ok, “baseball1″. I personally don’t care one way or the other what Farrah does, but it amuses me that you’re so defensive about comments on a blog!

  10. Let’s discuss how she will handle her very important hot baseball wife duties – namely, shilling for the Jimmy Fund. Let’s not forget shilling for Shonda Shilling.

    I can’t speak from experience – but I’m fairly sure marrying a professional athlete is a double edged sword. You have to deal with their dalliances – but you get boatloads of money. Is it a fulfilling life? I can’t say – but I imagine not.

    This is a welcome and great feature on umpbump – have you done one on Big Papi’s wife? She’s about 1/20000th his size.

  11. She’s resonably hot. ‘Nuff said

  12. To Lindsay: actually, Jon Lester got engaged in July — which would mean six months before the marriage. I would hardly call that a *shotgun* wedding. Even if it turns out that the bride was pregnant at the time, it could be that they already had marriage plans, anyway.

  13. Sorta looks like a dude in some pictures. Meh.

    Sarah looks hotter. :o

  14. Sarah Green says:

    Kensai…thanks? That I look hotter than someone who looks like a dude in some pictures?

  15. Hahahahaha.

    Not quite what I meant. :o

  16. OK- chill out! Farrah is #1- HOT…#2 an awesome girl AND friend…and #3- certainly wasn’t knocked up at the time. Let’s not hate and get a life. As someone who knows them both persnally now, get it together before you run your mouths.


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