NOTE: The following post was not written by a rational human being. Instead, it was written by a Met fan. If you notice any vast gaps in logic, this fan refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever. In fact, reading this post may make you dumber. You’ve been warned.

derek_loweSo Derek Lowe is heading down south to Atlanta, Georgia. Just a week or so ago, it appeared that he would be headed to Queens as the #2 starter in the Mets rotation. Then, the Braves got stupid.

No, I wouldn’t have given Smoltz a large contract either if I were the Braves. But after spinning the Rafael-Furcal-did-he-or-didn’t-he AND the Smoltz debacle until they got way too dizzy to think straight, the front office decided that it would be a great idea to spend $60 million on a 35-year old pitcher who can take them over the .500 mark. Awesome.

As they are currently constructed, the Braves are not very good. They won 72 games in 2008 (though their Pythag was of a 79-win team). Even after adding Javy Vazquez, Kenshin Kawakami and now Lowe, it’s still not enough to make them contenders in 2009.The gap between where they ended up in 2008 and where they need to be to justify all this money spent is too wide.

Yes, teams have made huge leaps in standings before – but the majority of these teams have done so because their young players improved simultaneously (ala Tampa) or their division is weak. Neither is true in this case.

Remember, the Braves offense had Mark Teixeira for most of last year. His production cannot be replaced by a full season of Casey Kotchman, who I assume will be better than he was during his Atlanta stint in 2008, but still¬† can’t be expected to post average numbers for a first baseman.

chipperhair.bmpThey should get good production out of Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar, but whiny Larry Jones‘s health is always going to be a crapshoot.

And while I love Brian McCann, as of this moment, their OF consists of Brandon Jones/Gregor Blanco, Josh Anderson, and Jeff Francoeur.¬† That’s pretty horrendous. So really, the Braves offense is praying that Larry won’t have a long-overdue Hooters-related injury.

On top of it all, the Braves will be without Tim Hudson for the majority of the season. This doesn’t sound like a team that’s good enough to overtake the Phillies or the Mets.

So this signing really annoys the hell out of me. Why? Not because I’m cooliver-perezncerned that the Braves are now better than my Mets. No. I’m annoyed because the Braves’ idiocy means that the Mets are stuck trying to go after Oliver Perez, who will now most likely be asking for a four-year deal.

I’ve made my opinions known about Ollie already. His numbers aren’t anything that can’t be replaced by cheaper options and his walk totals are always going to haunt him. I really don’t want to have to cheer for him again. And yet, he’s now the best option left on the free agent market (though I think Ben Sheets is more talented). All this because the Braves panicked.


6 Responses to “Braves Sign Derek Lowe: Makes a Met Fan Cry”

  1. Atlanta, lock up your female reporters!

  2. it really ain’t that hard to make a Mets fan cry these days, is it? easier than making them fall off an escalator.

    (ohhhh! too soon?)

  3. Uhhh, moo-ha-ha-haaaaa???

    (As a Braves fan, I’m not too thrilled about signing, either. Four Lowe years for $60M? No thanks. I’ll just take a salad.)

  4. This Mets fan is not crying! Losing Lowe was a blow, but I would much rather have Sheets and Perez. Sheet’s injury problems are over rated and Perez we know can handle NYC.

    Don’t get me wrong I wanted Lowe, just not at 4 years.

  5. Paul Moro says:

    Doug, I’m not faulting the Mets for not going four. I’m faulting the Braves for doing so. Because they took away a potential good move by the Mets and turned it into a bad one for themselves. Lowe’s going to play for a mediocre team for at least the next couple of years, the Mets have to get a lesser pitcher, the Braves pay all this money to still lose. Again, Boras wins.

    And Doug, I wouldn’t say that Sheets’ injury history is overrated. There’s a reason why no team is touching him right now. There’s too much of a gap between his potential upside and his actual production/health. They’re afraid of just paying for that upside but ending up with his actual.

  6. Paul,

    Nice article. As always, I’m a positive, happy Mets fan right now. I’m looking forward to the start of the season and think that good things will happen this year. Sure, the Braves are stupid, but it’s gonna hurt them more than it does us by not getting Lowe.

    I still think we should have gone after Texiera, however

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