It’s exactly one week before Barack Obama is sworn in as president of the United States and here at Umpbump we’ve decided to mark the occasion with a series of Obamicons, which we created at Paste Magazine’s Obama.Me site.

Each day we’ll post a different Obamicon, featuring one of our favorite baseball personalities. Today, we’re featuring Manny Ramirez, who faked a knee injury in an attempt to pressure the Red Sox to trade him — all so he could become a free agent after the 2008 season, rather than wait two years and make $40MM in the meantime.

So far, Manny hasn’t found a team willing to sign a 36-year-old traitor with negative defensive value to a longterm contract. But he’ll get the big bucks eventually, right?

8 Responses to “Umpbump counts down to Inauguration Day”

  1. If he does it will be a great disappointment. As much as I respect the player, the man must be punished for what he done.

    That said, anyone not knowing he signs with the Yanks does not understand how they too do not give a shit about MLB.

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Manny is not going to sign with the Yankees. The last thing they need is another outfielder, or another DH.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    I suspect the Yanks were never interested in Manny. That was just a smokescreen to convince other teams they were out of the bidding on Tex.

  4. Manny Being Jobless. Like the rest of America! he’s just like us!

  5. I think Manny made a mistake when he tied his free agent situation to the price of gas. I believe it was 4 dollars/gallon when he stated he would be as expensive as gas.

    Gas is now about 1.70, which is a 50 % drop. I figure Manny needs to cut his salary demands accordingly.

  6. Dirty Water says:

    The last thing they need may be an OF/DH, but the first thing they need is to sell tickets to that monstrosity.

    Besides, since he’s not getting his 9 figure contract he might as well sign in NY for a year. That’ll teach John W Henry!

    /Hank nods in agreement

    Watch and learn, folks. Matsui out, Manny in.

  7. Paul Moro says:

    I think the Yankees are doing just fine on the ticketing front. Why would they need Manny to bring in fans? There’s no more room. That’s like saying Fenway should have a wet t-shirt contest to bring in drunk Massholes. They’re gonna come anyway.

  8. Coley Ward says:

    They need to sell tickets so they can afford their expensive players. You want them to sign ANOTHER expensive player, to sell more tickets. Where will the madness stop?!

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