So Bob Nightengale of USA Today is reporting that Barry Bonds is still trying to land a job in baseball, and that his agent, Jeff Borris, is going to personally contact all 30 teams.

barrybondsBorris says he is “not optimistic” that a team will want Bonds after all 30 teams passed on him last season despite his willingness to play for the major league minimum.

Now everyone has their opinion on Bonds and if he’d be worth signing, but there is one team I think we can all agree should definitely sign Bonds right away, no question.

The San Francisco Giants!

After all, this is a team with all kinds of pitching, but big holes in its offense. No team other than the Giants is so close to contention if only they could add a big bat.

Second, the Giants just spent the last 3 months saying that they would love to sign Manny Ramirez, but only “if the price is right.” What price could be more right than the major league minimum? And is there any player around who would be more similar to Manny than Bonds? A no-defense clubhouse cancer left fielder with tons of patience, good power, and a swirl of controversy? If Manny was a good fit, than wouldn’t Bonds be an even better fit, bringing Manny-like numbers at a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost?

And finally, while other teams might have legitimate concerns about how Bonds would fit into their “clubhouse chemistry,” isn’t the one team where that wouldn’t be much of a concern the San Francisco Giants? Who play in the one city where Bonds is still kind of beloved, and whose players all know how to live with Bonds from two years ago?

The Giants are fools for not having signed Bonds yesterday. If he’ll really play for just the minimum, then they seriously have nothing to lose.

2 Responses to “Barry Bonds wants back in. Only one team makes sense.”

  1. Barry should wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

  2. i would like to see barry play again just how high the home run record will get i would to see him make it to the 855 that would be nice to see someone make it out of 700 club so if barry makes it would be alsome

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