Over the past week or so, we here at UmpBump have been honoring the festival of baseball joy that is the World Baseball Classic with a series of posts in which we compile our versions of the All-time greatest teams for as many countries around the world as we can.

wbc1In the end, we managed to come up with pretty good squads for Canada, Italy, Japan, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

So now it is time to pit our 8-team field of all-time teams against each other in an apocalyptic battle for eternal baseball glory – The All-Time Baseball World Classic!  Now, it almost goes without saying that an all-time team of US players would win this tournament if they entered, but for the sake of debate let’s just assume the All-American team were banned for various abuses like the color barrier, moving the Dodgers from Brooklyn, appointing Bud Selig commissioner, and the abomination that is American Idol – who would win in an all-out grudge match between the rest of the world?

Take a look at each of the teams linked above and vote below for who you think would win it all in our All-Time Baseball Classic!

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4 Responses to “UmpBump Presents: The World Baseball Classic of All Time!”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Hey, leave American Idol out of this!

  2. mathesond says:

    Gotta love Venezuela’s combination of pitching, hitting, and up the middle defence

  3. I’m pretty sure Joe DiMaggio would have played for the USA.

    And why no US team?

  4. Nick Kapur says:

    Because the US team would have basically been a list of the greatest players of all time. It would not have been a competition.

    Joe D plays for the Italians because we were following the actual WBC rules. Plus, Joe probably would not have made the US team as a starter (although maybe as a bench player).

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