I wasn’t sure whether Jacobs’ new growth qualified as “unfortunate facial hair” because, technically, it’s not growing out of his face. It seems to be coming from that nether area between the chin and the neck. What is that area called? The check? The nin? Regardless, the only excuse for a facial growth this hideous is to break a slump (see: Giambi, Jason or Byrnes, Eric) and it’s too early in the season to resort to such shenanigans.  Though, considering Jacobs’ .317 career OBP, I suppose one could argue that some slump buster UFH is far overdue.

6 Responses to “Unfortunate Facial Hair: Mike Jacobs”

  1. wesleywhatwhat says:

    he looked better when he was jay buhner…

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    it wouldn’t be nearly so bad if jacobs didn’t have such a knobby, bulbous chin. but he does so it looks like some weird ice cream cone where the ice cream is a ball of chin-flesh. eww.

  3. don’t you mean, “too early in the season to resort to such chin-anigans”

  4. She’ll be here all week.

  5. I’m more distracted by his apparent lazy eye. as with Eric Hinske, I always wonder… which eye sees the pitch???

  6. I totes agree with Nick. Looks like Jacobs has a bit of a butt chin. Thus, with the UFH covering the bottom half of the cleft, it’s like Plumber’s Ass on his face.

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