Did you see Alfonso Soriano’s walk-off grand slam last night? He needed a deep fly ball to win the game, and man did he hit it deep. Over the center field wall, in fact.

The home run was great. But Soriano’s celebration after the shot? That was a little much.

First, Soriano stands and watches his blast for about 7 seconds, until after it clears the wall in center. You can find some decent video of Soriano admiring his work here.

Then, when the Cubs’ left fielder is slowly rounding third, he flashes his hand in front of his face, which our more NBA-savvy contributor Zvee tells us is the “Michael-Pietrus-hand-in-my-face-isn’t-a-distraction-because-I’m-a-bad-ass” reference. You can find video of that move here.

Now, I know we’ve come a long way from the days when you needed to start running the bases immediately or else. But Soriano’s celebration was over the top, even by today’s more lenient standards. And it’ll be a shock if Roy Oswalt doesn’t put Soriano on his ass tonight.

9 Responses to “Alfonso Soriano is going to get plunked tonight”

  1. Looks more like WWE’s John Cena “you can’t see me” gesture to me

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    All the more ridiculous given that Soriano had previously gone 0-5 including an embarrassing gaff where he failed to run to first base on a fair ball that would have been a sure infield single.

  3. Yeah it was the Cena thing, which he mentioned in the postgame. Him and a few other Cubs players went to a WWE match not too long ago, so I think this is a pretty big running joke amongst the Cubs players.

    Also, the “gaff” was when he thought the ball got fouled off his foot. He just didn’t sell it well enough. Even if he would have ran, he would have gotten thrown out anyway, no biggie.

    He might get plunked, but I didn’t think the celebration was more hilarious than bad. I don’t think he was trying to rub anyone on the Stro’s the wrong way, he was just f*cking pumped and excited after having turning around a horrible game.

  4. *I thought the situation was more hilarious than bad.

  5. I stand corrected regarding the nature of the gesture. When it comes to John Cena, the WWE or anything wrestling-related, I’m totally ignorant.

    But I still think standing there and watching your shot for a full seven seconds, until it clears the wall, is too much. And I think he’ll get plunked. We’ll find out soon enough!

  6. I really dont have a problem with Soriano watching it. The game was over at that point, I am pretty certain that not a single Astro even turned to see where it went. Walk off celebrations are always over the top.

  7. melissa says:

    I wonder if anyone thought center fielder Michael Bourne was showing up his pitcher when he started to run in from center before the ball had even flown over his head. Bourne did not even break back or look up at the ball. Aren’t the outfielders supposed to run to the wall and watch the ball like they think they have a shot at catching it?

    Soriano’s celebration was over the top, no question but it ended a 13 inning game that had been tied 1-1. I would also add that he wasn’t taunting the opponent in any way. He had gone 0-5 and I’m sure it was a huge relief for him to come through in that situation considering he had a very below average May and April. I will also add that Soriano’s family was at the game right behind home plate and he may have been extra pumped because I don’t think they are at many of the games. As it turned out Oswalt left his start in the 2nd inning and didn’t get a chance to fire one into Sori’s ribs but he’s certainly the type of red ass that would. Soriano hit another monster shot today in the third game and they still haven’t thrown at him. It will be interesting to see what happens in the series finale on Thursday. I think he will definitely be hitting the dirt at the very least.

    I think people only complain about these type of celebrations when it’s done by a guy that isn’t on their team. I think it’s funny that a Dodger fan would complain about Soriano considering some of Manny’s antics.

  8. Paul Moro says:

    Melissa, as you know, it was bases loaded, no outs. Anything that was over Bourne’s head would’ve scored the runner from 3rd 99% of the time. Once Bourne saw that he had no shot in hell at throwing out the runner at home, he ran off the field like anyone else would have. It would have been silly for him to even bother.

    But you are right about how people are only bothered by the antics of guys who aren’t on their team. But that’s obvious. Your loud, drunk friend is funny. The loud drunk stranger next to you is obnoxious. This is natural and nothing new. Personally, I don’t mind people showing off. But I can understand why it turns people off.

  9. melissa says:

    I was being more facetious than anything in bringing up Bourne running in as soon as the ball left the bat. I don’t think many of the Astros even noticed Sori’s antics because they were off the field before he even rounded 2nd. I would also say in Soriano’s defense that more than showboating he’s a guy that really seems to have fun on the field. He is usually smiling and interacting with fans in the left field bleachers. I don’t fault the guy because he really does seem to enjoy playing the game of baseball and I don’t think that enthusiasm is a bad thing.

    Paul, How did you know I have so many drunken obnoxious friends? You definitely hit the nail on the head with that one.

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