This week former Red Sox outfielder Troy O’Leary’s ex-wife Annette Gray-O’Leary has hit the news in a big way.

Until this past June, Ms. O’Leary, age 39, who has a master’s degree in education, was the assistant principal of Kyrene del Cielo elementary school in Chandler, Arizona, and the single mother of two children by Troy, one of whom has special needs. Apparently struggling to make ends meet, she had recently sued Troy for additional child support, court documents show.

But then Ms. O’Leary was outed as an independent call girl who goes by the internet name of “Taya Taylor” by a “concerned parent” who had somehow come across her pictures online in what was doubtlessly a completely innocent internet search. She thereupon tendered her resignation to the elementary school and attempted to delete all evidence of her escort activities.

It took a few months, but eventually someone blabbed to local news channel NBC 12, which ran a “news” report on the story, whereupon it was quickly picked up by all the blogs.

Of course, once you put something up on the internet, it is virtually impossible to really delete it, so numerous pictures of Annette in her “Taya Taylor” persona are still able to be found if one knows where to look, but other than the one above, none of them are really suitable for a family site such as UmpBump, so you would have to seek them out on your own if that kind of thing is what floats your boat.

2 Responses to “Hot Baseball Wife: Annette O’Leary”

  1. lol, this broad is ancient. there has to be 100 hotter wives that are a better choice than this old bag

  2. Hot for Teacher in Scottsdale says:

    The “innocent” parent who supposedly came across her photos online actually runs an escort service in the area where the vice principal was competing for services. Either way, if the vice principal is doing her job correctly during working hours, what difference does it make what she does with her off time if it is legal? The Wild Wild West lives on…


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