Last year we brought you the news that Yankees slugger Hideki Matsui had secredly wed a 25-year-old office worker from Japan. However, at the time, Matsui refused to divulge her name, and no pictures of her were available, other than Matsui’s rather amateurish hand-drawn depiction of his beloved.

However, in the year and a half since that time, Japanese fans have been diligently at work, scouring video clips for any evidence that Matsui’s purported wife actually exists.

So far, they have come up with two photographs, which Japanese websites agree are almost certainly of Matsui’s wife. Have a look and see what you think…

(pictures after the jump…)



6 Responses to “Hot Baseball Wife: Hideki Matsui’s Mystery Wife Discovered??”

  1. Wow. In hindsight that was a pretty decent drawing. Why is he keeping her a secret, exactly?

  2. Probably to avoid the Japanese press. Psychotic people they are.

  3. yes, accurate drawing. looks like her. i don’t blame him keeping her secret. people are cruel.

  4. Matsui is a great solid player, reliable and great work ethic. No wonder he’s a big star. If he had better English, he could be getting more commercial endorsements. At least he’s getting appearing in some TV commercials in Japan

  5. mike muramoto says:

    she’s cute, I’d love to have a girl with her appearance, don’t know abut her personality though, but I’m sure she’s a good person, Hideki only attracts good people

  6. mike muramoto says:

    that’s def. her in that photo, that guy next to her is her bodyguard you can tell


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